19 Life Lessons We Learned from Ramadan TV this Year

The average Egyptian usually watches around two different TV shows during Ramadan, if not more. The number of hours we shamelessly spend in front of TV is ridiculous. With all the commercials, a single episode can take up to 90 minutes with only 40 minutes of the show itself, so basically if you only watch two shows, you waste around 75 hours in Ramadan sucked into fictional worlds.

After all that wasted time, what have we actually learned this month other than the urgency of saying NO to drugs? Here are 19 useless things that we can’t get out of our heads.



1. Don’t date a guy called Ali





2. Or Yehya





3. Don’t be deceived by the eye candy, he represents every good-for-nothing man we’ve met. Hatem, you’ve disappointed millions of women and I pray to God that Sherif wins your ex-wife’s heart.




4. There is something edible called Eskinshayzer





5. It is never too late for a brilliant career comeback





6. Basically, don’t have kids and if you do, don’t let them out of the house





7. We finally realize why relationships are doomed






8. Now we know who brings back all the dead people





9. And sends them off to the afterlife of Pepsi land





10. Bangs are back





11. We have an Egyptian Katy Perry



12. We need to accept that the red velvet craze is not fading away any time soon





13. You can now name your girl “Fat7y”





14. YouTube is your new best friend if you want to watch ‘Taht El Saytara’, otherwise you will waste 2,610 minutes of your life in front of the TV waiting for Hania to get a grip and go to rehab





15. You can always go rogue and work for the enemy





16. That one guy who gets your hair like no other at your Lebanese hair dresser will most probably move to Degla Palms





17. If you have green eyes, you belong to the next Nelly Kareem TV show





18. Zaman El Sha2awa is long gone





19. Hany Adel is what dreams and cotton candy are made of


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