7 Times Ramadan TV Show ‘El Ahd’ Proved to Be as Addictive as ‘Game of Thrones’

Wipe your end of season five tears away, for Egypt has bestowed you with an Arabic version of Game of Thrones that will leave you biting your nails at the edge of your seat. If you think by watching Ta7t El Saytara, Tari2i or 7awari Bucharest, you have a good deal going on, you are far from correct

I’m quite disappointed in myself for being thisclose to missing out on Egyptian epicness with El Ahd and being a mainstream viewer, satisfied with the 8 and 9 PM TV shows on CBC, but all is back in order after spending eight hours last night catching up on YouTube.

Everyone is talking about El Ahd being the new El Saba3 Wasaya, considering the fact that it has the same director, Khaled Marei, and scriptwriter, Mohamed Amin Rady, whom I refuse to believe are humans like the rest of us. The fantasy show centers on disturbing family feuds over the rule of three different Kafr. It has a very different story line than Game of Thrones, however just as exquisite.

If you are a diehard Khaleesi and Jon Snow fan, here are six reasons why El Ahd should be your new guilty pleasure.




The fantasy genre



A world of healers, lost souls and black magic. Move aside Khaleesi, we have a new girl in town who might very well walk through fire.



The walking dead



Estamanoha, played by Salwa Khattab, is nothing like the North’s walking dead. The old lady with visions of the future recently turned roaming ghost is the best thing to happen to Egypt this year.





صور-شخصيات-من-الخيال-تطلق-العهد-فهل-يكون-الكلام-مباح؟-1229729 (1)

You have more than four powerful women, ruling and leading men throughout the show. That is always a joy to watch on Arabic TV.



Unexpected deaths of major players in every single episode



By the second episode, a whole family of famous actors with important roles, including Sawsan Badr, was gone. The show has such a fast pace and features horrific shocks, which makes it that much more appealing.



A terrifying and psychotic guy called Obay, who is the reason why I will never sleep again



Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the Egyptian Ramsay Bolton, played by Mohamed El Sharnouby. I am obsessed. He is absolutely morbid, scary as hell and I love him. Seriously, he is freaking the country out and he can’t even get out of bed. This is my new favorite person on earth. His eyes are straight out of nightmares.



Unbelievable costumes and music selection



Brilliant choice of haunting music that controls your frame of mind.



A standout ensemble cast



There is not a single average person on this team. They are all slaying it.



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