5 Times Hania From ‘Ta7t El Saytara’ Terrified My Grandmother

When the clock hits 8 PM, I know it’s time for my grandmother’s favorite line, “Ghayary el arraf da”. Everyone’s favorite show this Ramadan seems to be Ta7t El Saytara and, believe it or not, the most talked about girl on the show is not Mariam, the character played by Nelly Karim, but a little girl on fire called Hania.

In just one week, Jamila Awad has managed to portray Hania so exquisitely that every teenager is in awe and every parent’s jaw is hitting the floor. Hania is a 16-year-old high school student who meets a much older Ali, played by Mohamed Farrag, and starts going down an ugly hill of drug abuse.

She is a manipulative liar, a professional seductress and manages to burst my grandmother’s denial bubble in every single scene. Here are five times Hania made my grandmother throw the remote control at the TV:



When Hania was strutting around school, so tiny, so innocent then BAM, she tells her boyfriend that she likes to ace not only exams but weed and sex as well.



This was such a horrifying scene that I decided my baby will be home schooled for life.



When Hania managed to use the words “Sherlock Holmes, you know Sherlock” as massive weapons of seduction.


Everyone lost it on social media and the next day #Sherlock turned into one of the most trending hashtags on Twitter. The power of Hania is real.



When Hania, who keeps reminding me of Merida from the Disney movie ‘Brave’, took her little pink bicycle to the koshk to buy cigarettes.



This girl is so tiny and young that it just terrifies viewers that she is that fearless and rebellious.



When Hania managed to skip school, go to what I assume is El Ain El Sokhna, get drunk, smoke weed, steal Ali’s drugs and still manages to return home unnoticed.






When Hania decided to try her stolen drugs, almost overdosed, got caught and still had the nerve to run away and risk her mother’s wrath.



And that was the moment my grandmother promised I will never watch these unrealistic lies in her presence again.



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