RamaScoops 2015: The Concrete Jungle

Since the real estate craze started in Egypt in 2008, this sector has boomed on the advertising scene as well. It is becoming as hot of a rivalry as the Telecom or CSD categories.

While each of them has a different flavor and style of selling, they all have the same objectives:

  • Make you feel bad about where you’re currently living
  • Close a deal on sales

Lets look at the contenders:



Mountain View


A la Pepsi, Mountain View has sustained their Ramadan with the exact same campaign as last year, the exact same concept, just different execution. High time we start changing concept (or agencies for that matter).

What I also started to get bored of is their insistence on showing how miserable your life in Cairo is. So they extravagantly highlight the stresses, pressure and pollution that good old Cairo brings. Then comes Mountain View as the savior with a very clear message” “Leave this sh*thole you’re in and come live the dream with us”.

While this message could have worked once, insisting on restricting your brand communication to only that I think it will fire back tremendously (on the brand at least, because they’re selling like hotcakes, anyway).



Degla Palms


This one makes me laugh, every time. Be it this or their earlier campaign (Technology, Car and Cafe copies). This one puts the spotlight on the administrative side of the compound in a very humorous and catchy way. Definitely stands out from the rest of the real estate ads.



Porto October


I have already dedicated a full post to this, so I won’t repeat myself again here.



Hayat Alex Park – Marsilia


I actually like one! And I don’t really know why.

Edward brings in a light feel to the copy, although nothing too different about it, just a listing of the compound’s amenities. But the copy-writing and art direction makes the ad a pleasure to watch.



Mousa Coast


While the choice of celebrity is quite accurate and the location selection and art direction is quite decent, the script/copy-writing sort of killed it there. While some organizations have taken it as far as calling to pull the ad off air as it induces sexual harassment, to the average individual, there is still a clear insinuation that this is probably all you will do at Moussa Coast – hook up with chicks.





Pretty nicely shot and edited. No overclaim, no oversell, what you see is what you will get in Emaar. If you can afford the price tag, that is.

That’s all for this time.

Just a couple of days left until Ramadan 2015 concludes. Stay tuned as we unveil the winner of the Ramadan 2015 ads.



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