12 Signs You Have An Egyptian Mom

We all love our mothers, there’s no argument there, but we do have to admit that sometimes our mothers can drive us crazy, especially when you have an Egyptian mother who’s well-acquainted with the shibshib-as-weapon strategy or obssessively insists that you’re not easting enough. There isn’t an Egyptian out there who hasn’t seen or heard one of these 12 classic mom traits, and as much as they make us crazy, we love them all the more for it!

She wakes you up just to ask if you are awake


You’ve had countless shabasheb thrown at you if you do something wrong when she is on the phone. This is not child abuse, it’s old-school Egyptian discipline and it works!

She loves collecting paper bags and empty jars


Her way of warning you while praying is yelling “Allaho Akbar”

If you ever start a diet and ask for healthy food, this is what you get with a promise that it is cooked with olive oil (these are vegetables after all)


Her only logic for why you are still single is that you are “picky”

She can find anything, but she always starts her search with the line “Tayeb law 2omt w la’etha?” and until now, I don’t know the answer to that question


She makes you Rumi cheese sandwiches on exam nights

She insists her son wears an undershirt “fanela” in winter


She calls you a hundred times at work just to ask you what you want for lunch

She feeds your children candy behind your back

11 (2)

When you dare ask, “Why?”, she answers, “Howa keda”

Whenever something bad happens, it is always the “evil eye”


All jokes aside, moms are the superheroes of the real world. We are forever grateful for everything they do for us.

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