10 Annoying Things Only Your Mama Would Do


We all love our mamas endlessly, but it doesn’t mean they don’t drive us nuts! Here are a few examples why and how we can win this battle (or at least try) with our beloved mamas.


1. “You’re not going anywhere until you tidy your room!”


My mama even takes it up a notch and threatens to throw anything messy out of the window! But yeah, we’ve all heard some version of this.

This trick works wonders! All you have to do is pick up all your untidy clothes and throw them in the laundry basket! Sooner or later, your mama will realize that the term “clean your room” will only mean she has more laundry to do! Hahaha 1-0 to us!


2. Trying to set you up with an arranged marriage.


Being a good old mama from the Middle East, by the age of 20 she’ll start trying to hook you up with a total stranger that her friend’s friend’s niece’s cousin once met on a plane (yes, that random!). No matter how many times you try to object, she’ll always think she has your best interest by hooking you up with a stranger. Because why else where you born other than to get married?!

But hey, we’ve been there and managed to come up with the perfect solution! No need to lose your voice over arguing, just teach them a lesson once and for all. All you need to do is tie your hair into a bun, don’t put any makeup, don’t brush your teeth even and dress in the worst thing you could possibly think of! If this doesn’t make your potential “3arees” run with terror in the other direction, then he’s definitely a keeper! Plus your mum will be too embarrassed to ever pull something like that again.


3. “Is that what you’re wearing?”


Another reaction we’ve heard on countless occasions, which only means that we either look like a slut or ridiculously inappropriate.

Whichever one it is, just hearing that statement or seeing the look on your mama’s face is going to make you turn around and go back into your room crying your eyes out or end up changing your entire outfit.

Now we’ve struggled with this one, but we’ve decided that the best technique is to cover up as much of our outfit as possible before we go out. Wear a shawl or cardigan, something that’s easy to take off later or will just do the trick of not showing a lot of the actual outfit. Who knows, maybe it’ll even add a stylish touch!


4. The non-stop sound effects while you’re driving!


No matter what you do, they’ll always act like this! Whether it’s “7asby el trella!“(that’s at least a kilometer away) or “you’re driving too fast!” (when you’re driving 40 km/h), they’ll always sound and look just like this! Nothing you say or do will make them stop, but you could always use ear plugs to just block it out!


5. Trying to keep up with technology.


Your mama’s got a new phone? Then get ready to repeat yourself over and over and over and over again about how to send a text message or change the display picture. To save yourself from going crazy, think of one word: KARMA. Try to imagine that when you’re older you’ll be completely clueless, needing your kids’ help, so try (I know it’s difficult) to be patient with your mama when it comes to technology.


6. Adding you on Facebook!


No! Don’t you dare press that confirm button or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. JUST DON’T!


7. Trying to be your friend when she’s only gonna react like a true mama!


Don’t fall for it, no matter how nice she is with your friends, or asks you whether “fi 7aga keda wala keda”, the moment you start feeling comfortable and uttering a single word, she’s gonna hold it against you and start screaming her head off! So remember to keep your mouth shut at all times!


8.Calling you from a completely different floor just to get her the fork from the drawer right next to her!


Let’s face it, the only reason our parents had us is to make us their eternal slaves! So just play deaf!


9. Always remembering at the last minute that there’s something she wanted you to do.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve been right in front of her all day, the second you decide to leave, your mama will find something to keep you there! Again, SLAVE! Just sneak out as quietly as you can.


10. Finding 30 missed calls, 20 voicemail alerts and 100 texts when you don’t pick up.


I love you mama, but my life doesn’t revolve around you! When i don’t pick up it means I’m busy, not dead, not kidnapped, not ignoring you… JUST BUSY!

So unless you want to deal with the frantic emotions after she’s been worried to death, remember to text your mama before you’ll be disconnected and definitely before your battery dies or she’ll have a heart attack!


WE SAID THIS: Annoying or not, we still love you mamas! (We’ll secretly miss those annoying things if you stopped, too!)