WATCH: #ThisIsEgypt Video Will Make You Fall in Love with Egypt All Over Again

Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism launched its official #ThisIsEgypt campaign today, including a gorgeous video shot in locations all over the country.

We’ve seen several videos come out over the last few years celebrating the country’s breathtaking beauty, from its bustling streets to its world-renowned landmarks, encouraging travelers to “Come in Egypt” and locals to discover the hidden gems of their homeland. But we can safely say that JWT’s video released today is the definitive Egypt travel clip for our generation.

It’s heartwarming, optimistic and a celebration of the intangible sense of magic we all feel when we get out of our comfort zones and explore our Egypt — a feeling that can only be experienced, not watched. Which is the point of the video, at the end of the day: to encourage us to venture out into our ever so Instagrammable country and share snapshots of what we love about it with the world, from having a simple shay bel ne3na3 at an ahua to camping under the stars.

At today’s press conference to launch the campaign, Tourism Minister Hisham Zazouu declared a goal of having 50,000,000 (yes, 50 million!) posts on the #ThisIsEgypt hashtag by the beginning of 2016. Yallabina.



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