16 Things Girls Must Do Before Getting Married

Every girl spends her teenage years and most, if not all, her 20s dreaming of marriage. We only envision the gorgeous stud with the perfect life, body, hair, car and bank account. In order to stay entranced in our bubble, we never really think for a second what a real life would actually entail.

Years later you fall in love, get married and boom! You have the nastiest wake-up call of your life. You are overwhelmed, exhausted, you share your “me” time with someone else, plus all the house chores and I won’t even start with the baby.

As much as marriage can complete you, it can be equally frustrating, especially if you are used to existing as a selfish prick. Here are some things you need to get done with before tying the knot:



 Travel alone



We all need to teach ourselves how to enjoy our time alone, it makes a world of difference when you don’t depend on your man for a good time. If traveling is not an option, go solo to the movies or have a coffee date with yourself every weekend.



Go on a girls only trip 



You can have as much fun as you want with your husband, but nothing beats a vacation with your girlfriends, making fools out of yourselves, meeting new people and just laughing about almost anything.

After marriage, you can still take trips with the girls if your husband understands the importance of estrogen in your life, yet single trips are irreplaceable.



Make mistakes



When you are in a committed relationship, you can’t afford being a fool. You need to think twice before doing something stupid because you can hurt your partner.

Make use of your single status and do everything you have been ever advised not to. Get it out of your system so you don’t feel like rebelling later on.



Fall in love as many times as you can



It is of crucial importance to understand relationship tricks before getting married. I believe the only way to learn the true psychology of men is dating.

You can read as many relationship advice books as you want, but at the end of the day each man you meet will teach you something new about the unexplainable male species and yourself as a woman. Let me put it another way: You will appreciate everything about your husband when you meet A-holes.



Pamper yourself



The whole “I don’t have time for myself” will be a major problem after having your first child, so try to enjoy as many massages, nail spas and hair treatments as you can.



Have your own friends



We always make the mistake of being overwhelmed after marriage and ignoring our friends.  We all end up regretting it because clinginess surfaces and men start complaining.



Get done with any fashion risks you ever dreamed of



Who hasn’t met a girl complaining that her husband makes fun of what she is wearing? Most girls say most men are too basic, not fashion oriented and kill their sense of style with time.

Screw them, we should all wear what makes us feel sexy regardless what they think, but if you have a turquoise hair dye wish,  get it done before your wedding day.



Live your 20s commitment free



Why the hell is everyone freaking out over our menopause? Newsflash: We can still have babies in our 30s. Why get married in your 20s when you can live free as a bird for a few more years?

You finish college in your early 20s, you deserve at least five years of post-school fun. Child brides usually end up feeling like they missed out on life.



Live abroad for at least three months



Leave the country, meet new people, experience a different culture, eat weird food and, again, fall in love with someone you will never end up with. Who knows? Maybe you will.



Become a sports junkie



Not only do sports turn your body into a mean machine, you also feel and look flawless.



Date a younger guy



There is reason why women love younger boys and their soft skin is not it. They are care-free, liberating creatures who know how to lure your inner freak to the surface.



Never miss an outing



Go out as much as you can. Never go to bed instead.  Life is too short to sleep.



Lose weight



After the first couple of months of marriage, most couples start putting on weight. Some say it is due to hormonal changes, but I think it is just happiness, eating late at night in bed and not giving a shit.

Try to shed off some kilos to compensate for the happy ones you gain after the honeymoon.



Read as many books as you can



Lose yourself daily in fictional worlds, feel happy and sad for imaginary people, read about everything and expand your knowledge. It will come in handy when you are trying to impress the hell out of him later.

If you are not a reader, watch National Geographic and pretend it is an animal kingdom reality show.



Become a feminist or at least pretend to be



Know your rights as a woman. It might protect you from an emotionally or physically abusive relationship. If you are not a fan of the women’s rights movement, just say big words and be angry on Facebook whenever someone sexualizes a woman. It’s fun!



Finish your Master’s or just take fun courses (dance, art, cooking, photography, etc.)



Broaden your capabilities and brighten your mind. If you hate the sight of books, just go for pole dance classes.



WE SAID THIS: Don’t wait for a guy to make you whole, just complete yourself.