9 Types Of Jerks You Go Through Before Finding The One

When I asked my friends and colleagues for ideas for this article, they blurted out so many things at once that I couldn’t make out what the were saying. If that implies anything, it’s that each girl has gone through her fair share of jerks, in all their shapes and forms.

She doesn’t have to be in a relationship with one, or even like one for that matter, she just has to see one walking down the street acting a certain way to certify him a jerk. I don’t have quite enough room for the 101 types of jerks they listed, so I just stuck to the most common ones:



1. The Mama’s Boy


I get the bond between a man and his mum. But siding with your mum in every argument, regardless of who’s right and who’s wrong, is just not gonna work.



2. The Player


Women of the Earth and its neighboring planets: Stay away from this one!

If you’re gonna look a woman up and down, at least have the courtesy to do it behind my back.



3. The One with the Ego So Big It Takes Over Your Liiiife


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Some of us talk a LOT, I get it. I can’t even listen to my sister telling a story for five straight minutes. But I make some effort. And when that fails, I PRETEND to care. Seriously, we’re not asking for much here! The world doesn’t revolve around you.



4. The Controlling, Paranoid, Jealous, Insecure One



No, I’m not seeing anyone behind your back. No, I’m not gonna up and leave at any moment. No, I do not think that he’s smarter or funnier than you.

This type wants you at his beck and call 24/7, and should he even sense that you’re having fun without him in any way, you can bet that whatever fun you were having won’t last for long.



5. The Heartless Robot


I get that it’s hard for some people to show emotion, but come on man, give me anything to work with here! I also get that there’s a reason why you’re an emotional vacuum, but I shouldn’t have to pay the price for your past.



6. The Compulsive Liar


Whether you ask him why he didn’t call, who he was texting, or just what he does for a living, you will not get a straight answer. He’s beyond sketchy, he’s a straight up liar. And once you uncover one lie, it just leads to another and another and another…



7. The One Who Plays Mind Games


Don’t guys always say that “they’re socially stupid and we should say what we mean”? Then don’t spend every night on the phone with a woman for five hours, tell her all sorts of things you would NOT say to a friend and then say “Oh, we’re just friends!”. Cut it out with the mixed signals, you can’t have it both ways!



8. The One Who’s Just Not That Into You



Sorry, ladies. This one may be the toughest jerk you go through, because usually you’re WAY into him and he – well, he’s just not that into you. Suck it up and move on because all you’ll be left with after him is a broken heart.



9. The Jerk of All Jerks: All of the Above



One word: Run!



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