13 Reasons Why Staying Single Is The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

Being an Arab male in his late-twenties or mid-thirties – and single – is not weird. On the contrary, it is the only way to hold on to whatever sanity the world around us hasn’t already claimed.

Why? Just ask any guy who is married, engaged or in a relationship and they’ll tell you that the good ol’ days were the ones when they were single!

Maybe women do add some meaning to life, but the amount of energy, negativity and nakad that come along is just too much. Here’s why I advise all men to stay single:



1. Dating means we’re getting married



Whether you’re in fifth grade, a teenager or a guy in his mid-twenties, your girlfriend will be planning your wedding on your very first date. So unless you know this is a long-term tadbeesa, it’s not worth the hassle.



2. Too Much Compromise



My time with the guys, my other girl friends and my own personal space mean too much to me to have some girl waltz in and demand to be my top priority.



3. We all know women are Drama Queens



I’ve got enough drama in my life trying to figure out how to beat my best mate in winning eleven or tawla. Putting up with these problems, traffic and the endless amount of drama a woman brings along with her is too much to ask. I’m no superman.



4. My salary barely covers my fool and ta3meya daily order



With the amount of money I make, I can barely cover my own minimal expenses let alone have to pay for a plus one ALL THE TIME. And if I so much as complain, they presume I’m cheap or “msh ragel“! Women demand too much health, time and money, to say the least.



5. I’d rather end up alone, than with a crazy person


We all know women are crazy. Women even know that they’re crazy, there’s no denying it! So why should I give up my freedom, peace of mind and sanity to be with someone who’s crazy?! How can anyone be afriad of ending up alone, when the alternative is a path to suicide or a psychiatric ward?



6. Forever is a big word that doesn’t exist in our dictionaries


Scratching Head

I can barely decide what I want to have for breakfast, let alone think of the future and that ONE person I’m only allowed to spend it with. The thought of eternity with just ONE woman gives me a heart attack. Why limit myself to one, when I can explore my options?



7. My personal space is sacred


Why is it that a woman expects to be the centre of attention every second of every minute of every day of your life? Not seeing you and doing absolutely nothing doesn’t mean I don’t love you, it just means sometimes I need to be alone, even if it’s just to recharge and gather the sanity to make me able to spend more time with you in the future.

Trying to explain this to a woman is practically impossible, it’s easier to just stay single.



8. Girls are too possessive, it’s creepy


overly attached girlfriend

The problem with the opposite sex is that they think men are objects, that we’re a thing that they can claim as theirs. They’re so used to being controlled that they feel it’s time to turn things around and have the upper hand.

And then you have no given rights anymore, everything should be run by them first or else you’ll be hearing complaints about it for the next year.



9. Your every move is being watched and analyzed



If what I say has more than one meaning, women should always assume it’s the one that won’t make them mad. Unfortunately, that NEVER happens!

Women make the best stalkers of all time and use our vulnerability (yes, we’re vulnerable because we have no clue you’re paying that much attention!) to analyze every single action in the way that will make them upset. It’s just weird how much effort and energy they put into assuming things just to pick a fight or upset themselves.



10. Women have low self-esteem



When girls consider every other woman on the face of the planet to be a threat, it just means they have low self-esteem. The right way to deal with it is not to cut off all ties with every other girl you’ve known since kindergarten, the way to go with it is just to stay SINGLE and save yourself whatever peace of mind you have left.



11. I’m too picky



Yes, I’m shallow… Looks make a difference. But if I’m going to have to put up with all that crazy shit from a woman, she better be worth it. She better have the looks, the brains, the humour and be downright perfect or else I’ll spot every single problem with her and give myself tons of excuses why being single is way easier…. because technically it is!



12. I don’t have the energy for your games or subliminal messages


If you want us to admit it, we will. On behalf of every other male out there, I hereby admit that MEN ARE SOCIALLY STUPID! We don’t understand the hints or the hints that you’re giving us hints or what are the big fuss is about. If you want something done, just say it. If you’re upset just say it.

We’re not psychic, we’re not smart, so please just tell us as directly as possible what the hell you want! The word communication means both sides should deal together, we’re not trying to solve a mystery here.



13. They never forget


One simple wrong move and it will be forever engraved in their 1,000,000,000 GB of memory and that’s not it. With every single fight, they’ll bring it up and you’ll be paying the price until the day you die. No thanks, I’m perfectly happy living in my own bubble of care-freeness and peace.



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