Things You Wish You Could Tell Your Friend Who’s In A Crazy Relationship

Every now and then, one of your friends will be in a relationship – a ridiculous, crazy and emotionally exhausting relationship. As a friend, your sworn duty is to be fully and unconditionally supportive all the time and give valuable advice when due.

However, under that calm and supportive facade you put on, there’s a tiny voice in your head that screams so many things you can never actually tell that friend of yours. Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone and here are all the thoughts we have to bury in order to be good friends:



I can’t believe you fell for that line!


When we like someone we tend to be more gullible and believe anything they say. But come on, in how many movies was that exact same line said?



What the hell do you see in him?


“To each their own.” I don’t believe in anything more than this sentence. But sometimes you can’t see whatever your friend is seeing in her man over all of his possessiveness and arrogance.



Stop asking him about his past!


What’s done is done. You can’t even manage your present with him and you wanna bring up his past? If he’s not an ex-con, you have no business in his past, especially at the beginning of the relationship. Because no matter how good of a person he is, you will always find something in his past that bothers you. So unless he decides to open up to you, just sleep on it.



He’s obviously hiding something


This could be a result of the girl’s excessive interrogation in some cases (like in the above). In other cases, the guy is just a compulsive liar. Whatever it is, something doesn’t add up!



And he obviously doesn’t wanna commit


The guy just finished his army service after five years of studying in university, and he is just beginning to taste sweet freedom. How on Earth will he want to commit and set himself more boundaries?



You don’t even like him that much


In all seriousness, though, you’re with him because you’re just bored with your life.



It’s obviously not going anywhere



You are incompatible on each and every level, you don’t want the same things in life and he’s boring. Why are we still having this conversation?



Did you really think it was gonna be different this time?


This is for all the on-and-off’s out there: You’re not Ross and Rachel! Unless there is a drastic change in attitude from both you, it’s gonna go down the same road over and over again.



You are so much better than that!


If you only knew your own worth you would stop settling for relationships that emotionally and mentally exhaust you.



I, TOO, am bored and emotionally exhausted


Of him, of the relationship, of you whining about his constant yelling. For the 100th time. I love you, but this relationship is starting to get on my nerves more than it’s getting on yours. If you’re not happy with him, then…




For the love of God, get out of this relationship before the last vein in my forehead pops!



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