13 Reasons Your Best Friend is the Only Therapist You Need

Having a best friend around is a way of knowing you’re not alone, that you’ll always have someone to face the world with. They’re your backbone, the person you constantly run to for every little ordeal and they make your life worthwhile by just being in it. Who needs a therapist when you have your best friend constantly doing their job a 100 times better? (and for free too!) A life without a best friend is a life we cannot even imagine!

Here’s why your best friend will forever be your perfect therapist:



1. They know your history 



You don’t need to narrate your entire life story, they know everything there is to know about you. Your deepest, darkest secrets have already been shared with them or even witnessed first hand by them! Maybe they know a little too much that they could easily get away with blackmail… Even so, there’s no need to waste your time with a therapist who’ll constantly be asking about your past when your best friend is around and up to date with all the juicy details.



2. They get emotional with you



Sharing the pain with someone else always makes it feel like less of a burden. If someone just broke your heart, your best friend will be heart-broken too and probably hate that person even more than you do! Good news instantly turns into great news because your best friend gets extremely excited and wants to celebrate… Just having them around makes every step of the way easier, simpler and more enjoyable.



3. They’ll wake you up when you’re losing it



When you’re feeling too down and aren’t ready to face the world, they’ll give you the space you need… only for a while and then they’ll grab you by the arm, drag you out of bed and  force you to wake up! They’re also not afraid to tell you the things you don’t want to hear, regardless of how angry or upset it might make you. If someone is going to pick up the pieces when you’ve fallen apart, who else  would it be other than your best friend?



4. They’re always there to listen to you complain, even if you’ve had the same conversation five times before



You’ll never be as comfortable around anyone else as much as this one person who doesn’t mind if you discuss the same subject 100 times or complain about the same thing! They understand your inner needs and will walk you through the conversation or just be there to support you every single time.



5.They can basically read your mind



You don’t need to explain, one look at you and they know exactly what’s going through your head! They’ve practically mastered your body language and facial expressions. You don’t need to go through the hassle of trying to find the right words and there’s no way in hell you’ll get away with a lie, so don’t even bother trying!



6. They understand your gibberish



People might think you’re a lunatic when you’re having a fit and speak so fast, without even finishing a single sentence, but the true shock is when they see that your best friend understood every single word! Life becomes so much easier when you don’t need to exert the effort into trying to find the right words and just blurt out whatever comes to mind and in no time at all, you feel better and forget why you were even going crazy in the first place.


7. They constantly boost your self esteem


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They give the perfect pep talks when you need them most, not to mention the archive of good deeds or awesomeness you’ve given to the world that come in handy when you need that boost. If anyone knows how to get you motivated or feel better about your self, it’s this fantastic person constantly by your side.


8. They know you better than you know yourself



When your vision is blurred, your best friend takes the wheel and even though you might disagree with what they think, you come to realize later on that they had your best interest at heart. They help you make the most rational decisions because they know you better than you know yourself and can always make the right arguments to why you should or shouldn’t be doing this.



9. They know all your flaws and love you anyway



You never lose hope in finding someone or feel completely bad about yourself, because you see how much you mean to your best friend. When someone who knows you inside out, knows every little, annoying thing about you and still some how seems to love you, you don’t really need therapy anymore!



10. They don’t judge



You feel comfortable telling them anything and everything because you know they won’t judge you, but understand why you actually did something. Your deepest, darkest secrets are safe with them, there isn’t anything you have to face alone because they’ll always have your back.



11. They know when you need to be left alone



They understand what needs to be done and when to do it. They  give you the space you need (but will still be there to share your silence) and have all the perfect remedies to help get you through your phase, be it ice cream, movies or anything that could be done to distract you.


12. They know you’re crazy and don’t try to fix you


I Love You Man movie image Paul Rudd and Jason Segel
In fact, that’s the reason why they love you so much and have put up with you for God-knows how long! They’re probably a little crazy themselves too, so they wouldn’t really be the perfect judge. But they believe that life is a lot more fun when you’ve lost your mind a litttle (or a lot in both your cases!)



13. They’ll give you all their time



You don’t need to ask to see them or put effort into making time for your best friend because they’re always there! You’re their top priority and they’ll be willing to leave everything in an instant and come running to your rescue just when you need it. So why again would you pay a fortune for a 45 min session with a therapist when your best friend gives up all their time for you for free!



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