8 Snacks That Will Make You Feel Good

With today’s fast-paced and stressful life, everyone is resorting to dining out or ordering in when it comes to eating. And if we do manage to whip up a quick snack, it’s usually full of unhealthy and processed ingredients. That’s why we decided it’s time for a change. We gathered 8 recipes that are full of good-for-you ingredients, that are not just healthy but also boost your happy hormones and do wonders for your different organs in your body:




 Salad Nicoise



This classic French salad has all sorts of delicious ingredients tucked in. However, it’s really the tuna and the eggs that make it gain super food points. Eggs boost mental sharpness and positive attitude and tuna has beneficial oils for your body and skin.




Super Food Smoothie


Blueberry, spinach and Greek yogurt all in one glass? Now that’s what we call the snack of the champions!




Spinach Garlic Yogurt with Bake Stix


No body doesn’t like the whole “chip & dip” concept, but most dips and salsas pack a ridiculous amount of calories per serving (not to mention the chips’ role in crime). This spinach garlic yogurt dip manages to have none of that greasy, artificial ingredients without sacrificing the flavor. Enjoy it with some Bake Stix for a filling and delicious snack.




 Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse



This one is for all the sweet-tooths out there! Dark chocolate, in its essence, is actually one of the best foods you can put in your body. It’s full of magnesium and battles depression. Throw in hazelnut and avocados and you have got yourself the ultimate healthy sweet snack. Tip: Melt the chocolate in the microwave for faster cooking, just make sure to stir it every 20 seconds so that it doesn’t burn.




Blueberry Bruschetta


This could be one of the most delicious and satisfying snacks (or breakfasts) that you ever have. Although poaching the blueberries in the honey will take just 10 minutes, you can skip boiling the honey and just tumble the blueberries in it right away for a super quick fix.




Pesto Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes


Tomatoes are full of antioxidants and they taste plain delicious with pesto. You could use store bought pesto for this recipe, if you don’t have some homemade on hand.




 Garden Gazpacho Soup


Gazpacho is a Spanish cold soup. Although the words “cold soup” might cause cringing from some people, you should try it nonetheless. It’s the ultimate celebration of fresh produce and it’s very fast to whip up.




 Homemade Granola



The beauty of this recipe is you can use any kind of nuts and dried fruits you’ve got on hand. Be creative and mix and match as your heart desires. Nuts are packed with Serotonin which is a “happy hormone” and beneficial oils such as OMEGA-3.



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