What You Can Actually Get Abroad for the Price of Properties in Egypt

After realizing how ridiculously overpriced cars are in Egypt, we got to thinking about properties and their never-ending skyrocketing prices.

Here are a list of properties in Egypt and the equivalent you can buy abroad (I have no idea why I haven’t bought that Island in Greece yet instead of a house in Katameya):



An Apartment in Zamalek – 1.2 Million Dollars


Zamalek Apartment


In Finland this can get you NOT ONE, BUT THREE ISLANDS and this two-log home where both houses have a Finnish sauna and a balcony. Five boats (two rowing boats, two sail boats and a motorboat) are included.

Umm, bye bye Zamalek!


Finland Islands
Your next home in Finland



A House in New Cairo – 1.2 Million Dollars


Villa New Cairo
New Cairo Villa


In New York, this will get you a one bedroom/one bathroom apartment on the Upper East Side. It may be CRAMPED, but you’re in NYC.


Upper East Side – New York



An Apartment in Mohandesin – 5.5 Million EGP


Mohandesin Duplex


This gets you a four bedroom/five bathroom penthouse in Cyprus.





A Six Bedroom House in Gouna – 1,365,000 Dollars




Gets you a three bedroom/four bathroom ocean view apartment in Miami, with its own private elevator.





An Unfinished House in Hacienda Bay – 3 Million Dollars




Will get you an eight bedroom terraced house in Drakefield Road, London. Who needs a villa you’ll use maximum two months of the year when you can get yourself a mini mansion in London?





To top this all off, regardless of where you want to live in the world, if you have 4 million USD laying around, I totally recommend you go buy this beautiful seven-bedroom villa in Mansouria. EL MASRY EL ASLY!


mansouriahouse masnouria Mansouriahouse



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