Meet Bajaj Qute Taxis: Egypt’s Next-Gen Tuk Tuk Replacement

For some time now, Egypt has been on a mission to try to get rid of the infamous Tuk Tuk, the country’s speedy and nimble three-wheeled mode of transport.

In its latest attempts, the Helwan Machinery and Equipment Company in Egypt signed an agreement with the ITAMCO company to produce a light auto taxi called Bajaj Qute to replace the Tuk Tuk.

All About The Bajaj Qute

Its Origin Story

This tiny compact car got its start in India as the country’s first auto-taxi. An auto-taxi is basically a four-wheel vehicle that combines the features and benefits of an auto-rickshaw and taxi. Another way to describe it is as a quadricycle, which is a four-wheel vehicle that is smaller than a car.

Its Specs

This auto-taxi can accommodate four people and, like a Tuk Tuk, can drive through narrow and tight spaces. Its max speed is 70km/h, and its four-stroke, dual-ignition engine has a capacity of 217 CC. It can be driven for 500 km before needing to be refueled.

Added Safety

Riding a Bajaj Qute taxi is much safer than a Tuk Tuk because it has seat belts for every passenger and locks its doors to protect children.

Having the Bajaj Qute taxi replace the Tuk Tuk will not only help boost the safety of passengers in Egypt but also introduce a more efficient and high-quality mode of transport.

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