Stay Local This Eid: Exciting Activities in Your Arab City

For many, Eid means travel, as it is one of the biggest holidays all year, making it everyone’s go-to time for a much-needed trip. If you are not hopping on the travel bandwagon this year, there are many ways to enjoy your vacation time without needing to leave your country.

Tap Into Your Inner Gamer At Cairo’s Boom Room

Cairenes rejoice, as along with the many new arcades opening up across the city, there is one in particular that is making some real noise. Known as Boom Room, Egypt’s first and biggest social entertainment destination, it is a spot where neon lights beam, with the entire space decked out in bright purple colors.

Inside this massive space, you and your friends can enjoy a 9-hole indoor mini golf course, a state-of-the-art bowling alley, social darts, and lots of video games.

That’s not all; it is also one of the biggest entertainment hubs. It hosts diverse artistic performances and includes dining by Pablo & Abdo. Be sure to hit it up this Eid at Madinaty’s Open Air Mall.

Ride Atop A Mechanical Buffalo at Dubai’s Claw BBQ

Get your cowboy hat on and head to Dubai’s Claw BBQ this Eid for a day packed with mechanical bull rides, billiards, and hoop shooting at the arcade. This special spot is a casual crab shack that serves up the best of America’s south. There, you’ll don a bib and dig into crabs smothered in juicy sauces.

Hanging out at this eatery, which has a high ceiling adorned with decorative fishing nets, neon lights, and casual seating, is a great escape from daily life. You can reach this eatery by heading to Dubai’s Souk Al Bahar or The Beach.

Experience Immersive Art At Jeddah’s TeamLab Borderless

Traveling isn’t the only way to escape daily life. When you visit Jeddah’s teamLab Borderless digital museum, you’ll get to experience digital worlds of floating lanterns and bright pink flowers. The museum is divided into different rooms that offer interactive experiences.

There is one room made up of rapidly rotating bouncing spheres that slow down when you approach them to allow you to jump on them. If you jump on spheres of the same color in succession, those spheres will pop and release light. It is immersive, artistic, and fun, perfect for friends and family.

Attend The Comedic Optical Illusion Show: Kuwait’s Not A Magician

Sometimes, all we need to have fun is to sit back, relax, and enjoy a show. This Eid, Kuwait is hosting quite a collection of plays and shows to entertain the masses. Among them is “Not A Magician,” a comedic optical illusion show taking place at Hawally’s Qadsia Club Theater.

It boasts pure entertainment, as you’ll get to experience mind reading, time travel, and giant stage illusions performed by stars of Arab Got Talent, including Abdulatif Al-Saleh, Khalid Al-Muhareb, Ayed Abdullah, Ahmed Al-Qallaf, and Ali Al-Thamer from Bahrain. You can book tickets through Imagine Kuw.

Watch A Movie By The Sea At Doha’s West Bay Beach

Keeping the theme of entertainment alive, along with a live show, who doesn’t love a visit to the cinema? We are not talking about just any cinema but one by the sea. Meet Qatar’s West Bay Beach movie-by-the-sea experience.

You’ll get to enjoy three mesmerizing movie nights under the stars at West Bay Beach with “Matilda”, “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs”, and “Dounia and the Princess of Aleppo” screening from June 19 to 21. You can get your tickets at the entrance of the beach.

With all these fun activities available to you, whether you are in Cairo, Jeddah, Doha, or any other Arab city, you’ll not need to travel this Eid to make the most of your long vacation.

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