10 Questions Everyone Is Asking Themselves in Sahel


Egypt’s North Coast will always be one of our favorite spots in the world. With its white sand and to die-for beach, we find ourselves mesmerized each year. The minute May is over, we start planning our month-long summer trip. However, Sahel is not all ice cream and rainbows; it has morbid traffic, hours of deciding where you will spend the day and questions we can’t stop asking ourselves.



How long will it take to get there after El Alamein Road was closed?





Who designed the new Cairo-Alex toll station?





Why the hell did the government wait until July to start working on El Alamein Road?





You are lost at the roundabout at the end of Cairo-Alex road, have no idea which way is Borg El Arab and, again, why the hell did they wait until summer?!





Now that the whole country is heading to Sahel at the same time, taking the same route, finding a Lagna is a nightmare; after hours of an agonizing wait, you wonder, did you just miss the whole first day of Eid on the road?





Now that you are home, at least four hours later, is going to Diplo, Marassi or Hacienda worth the extra traffic hour?





Which leaves you wondering, does choosing to stay at the closest beach mean you are getting old and boring?





Hanedkhol Hacienda ezay?





I shouldn’t have eaten yesterday, I look fat, right?


Body image



Hanakol feen?





Half of your friends are suggesting Andrea and you just can’t handle another waiting list.





Which one of us will go to Tabla to pay for the tickets? No wait, today isn’t Tabla’s day, it’s Six Degrees’, because oh my God you can’t be seen at the wrong party.





Your vacation is over; you are back in Cairo mentally exhausted and need another week at home just to recover.




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