Whatever Happened To Sahel?


As an ex-fashion editor (a tiny part of my life that I like to dwell on), a friend of mine asked me what to pack for Sa7el. She hasn’t been there in five years and she wanted to know what’s the deal.

I’m not a Sa7el person. I prefer weekdays over weekends. I hate the Mediterranean sea. I like to walk my dog on the beach without socializing. I hate fake small talks. I walk around with shorts because I feel uncomfortable parading in my swimsuit. I do not share tanning oil. My iPod hasn’t been updated for two years, so when I hear the “summer playlist” it’s like I’m listening to Turkish music. I put my hair up in a bun all summer and use hair protection. I don’t change my shades according to my outfits. I don’t wear colorful accessories (or any for that matter). I prefer playing board games than going to a party where the queue to park takes an hour. I do not put makeup and I think my heels are too good to walk on sand.

Clearly my propaganda as a fashion editor was fake. I was definitely the wrong person to ask. But to fulfill my fashion status quo, I said: People match different shades to different outfits. They have long luscious hair that is not affected by humidity. They wear big accessories on the beach. They do not tan, but rather parade back and forth. They wear their nicest heels. All conversations revolve around “7ate3mely eh beliel?”

My friend replied, “what happened to Sa7el?” Really, what did happen to Sa7el? Sa7el was chilled, it was quiet, it was a place you could relax in. Now it’s fast paced, with effort (fashionably and socially).

Are other people enjoying the madness? Or is it just me who has become Sa7el intolerant?