Snowflakes, Snowmans, & More: Top Middle Eastern Destinations To See Snow

In honor of World Snow Day, we’ve put together a list of the top Middle Eastern spots perfect for experiencing snow. From Saudi’s Tabuk to Lebanon’s Mount Lebanon, learn more about these winter spots and what to do there by reading our carefully curated list.


Saudi Arabia’s beloved city of Tabuk has been experiencing snowy episodes for numerous years due to the climatic disruption and climate change we have been witnessing over the years. Snow sledding is typically one of the most well-liked tourist attractions when people first come to the city. Sandboarding and sand sledding are also popular summer activities there, but the winter offers a variety of alternative opportunities. You can even go on a snowy hike and camp while setting a bonfire. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience.

Mount Lebanon

Obviously from its name, Mount Lebanon is a mountain range in Lebanon with a peak of 3,088 m. Apart from the majestic scenes that you can witness there, you’ll be able to partake in a number of activities. For example, you can go on a Snowmobile tour where you’ll get to witness a completely different side of Lebanon through the snowy mountain landscapes. There will be stops to take pictures and enjoy the view. You can also go skiing in one of Lebanon’s famous resorts and enjoy a range of winter activities.


Just like Tabuk, Amman, the capital of Jordan has been experiencing an increase in its snowfall for several years now. Temperatures can even drop to zero degrees at night. Snow however won’t stop you from visiting famous landmarks within the city. You can go and see the Automobile Museum which is a place that definitely pleases all crowds with its vintage cars which belonged to the late King Hussein. Additionally, there is the Duke’s Diwan which houses different pieces of Amman’s history dating back from when the house was built in 1924.


In addition to being the best site to ski in the winter, Morocco may also be a summertime beach getaway. The “Michlifen ski resort” is located in Ifrane and is the best skiing area in the nation. The town sees more tourists in the winter than at other times of the year as so many people come here to ski or to have fun in the snow. The city typically sees snow starting in Oct. and lasting until April; with the best time to visit Ifrane for snow is between Dec. and March.

Saint Catherine

Saint Catherine, located at the base of Mount Sinai in northeast Egypt, has weather that can get extremely cold throughout the winter, with temperatures as low as 32.7 degrees Fahrenheit. In an interview with Hisham Kamel, an official in the city council of St. Catherine with Ahram Online, he stated that the city is unique in Egypt during the winter season because the snowy weather at St. Catherine provides an opportunity to attract tourism by organizing various winter activities. From snow sledding to camping, St. Catherine provides an unforgettable picturesque location.

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There you have it, some white havens across the Middle East where you can witness the beauty of some of these spots and enjoy the winter season. The winter activities make it even more fun for those who never tried them. Skiing, camping, and going on Snowmobile tours are a bunch of activities that you can experience even if it’s the first time.

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