UAE’s Floating Tent Retreat Lets You Camp Hundreds Of Meters In The Air

Imagine this, a glamping tent suspended amidst the towering Sharjah mountains giving you a camping experience from a whole new perspective. Set among Sharjah’s Hajar mountains in the UAE, the Floating Retreat is Ardh Architects latest project that will have you spending the night in a tent that is suspended mid-air. Talk about a trip that will trump any entry on your travel bucket list, the new camping concept is sure to excite all travel and camping buffs out there.

Suspended between two mountains is a long walkway that will be home to 10 floating tents, each offering everything from room service and entertainment to WiFi access as well as a private bathroom. Guests would enter the retreat on the ground and reach the walkway by entering one of the tents that will act as an elevator and carry them up to the floating retreat.

Each tent will be attached to a set of suspension cords along the walkway and guests can actually adjust the suspension of their tent using special controls. In calm conditions, the tents can be lowered around 100 meters, allowing guests to truly experience the sensation of floating above uninterrupted views of the Sharjah’s natural landscape. Beyond the camping experience, visitors will also be able to dine at a restaurant set along the mountains or enjoy a day of pampering and relaxation at the mountaintop spa.

The entire concept is fresh and exciting but does pose a few safety concerns which have been addressed by Ardh Architects’ founder Alowais: “The safety of our guests is our primary concern, and we have implemented measures to ensure that they can enjoy their adventure with confidence and peace of mind.” These safety measures include trained hotel staff and engineers ready to handle risks like fires or stuck pods.

This floating retreat is one of many glamping experiences set along the Emirate including Sharjah’s Al Badayer Oasis but unlike its counterparts, its the kind of experience that will give visitors a blend of luxury and adventure.

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