From The Super Simple To The Ultra Luxurious: Unique Camping Hotspots In Morocco

Located at the northwestern most tip of Africa, Morocco is a fascinating country, full of life, hospitable locals, and gorgeous natural hotspots that make it a favorite tourist destination for many worldwide. Those feeling adventurous also have a place among these travelers thanks to the country’s hiking trails and camping spots.

Morocco takes camping very seriously; the country has some of the most relaxing and luxurious camping trips ever, with campsites dotted all over the desert and sometimes in remote areas within city limits.

With that in mind, we’ve picked out some of the best locations that you could add to your camping spots list to have the best experience possible.

Keeping It Simple At Al-Koutban Camp

If you’re looking for something that will isolate you from the hustle and bustle of the city, all while having a sense of relaxation and wonder, this is pretty much it.

The Al-Koutban camp, meaning dunes in Arabic, balances entertainment, relaxation, comfort, and simplicity impressively well. Situated at the heart of the Iriqui National Park, the camp lies at the base of the tallest dunes in the Erg Chigaga south of the country. To add to the isolation, the nearest road is two hours away, and the nearest population is 60 km away making it a great place to disconnect. 

With a total of ten tents, the camp can take up to twenty guests at a time, with each tent containing a king-sized bed, but showers and toilets are in a separate facility nearby. There’s also a large tent where guests can enjoy a buffet breakfast and lunch; alternatively, they can have them in the seating area outside.

When it comes to entertainment and activities, there’s a lot to do. People can go sandboarding, hike to the highest dune in the area to watch the sunrise and sunset, go on camel rides, and even stargaze at night.

Glamping At Sunrise Sahara Camp

One of the most luxurious entries on this list, camping here is more like glamping as this experience will be on a whole other level of splendor.

At the Sunrise Sahara Campsite, instead of tents, they have famous igloo-shaped small cabins, which have their own running water and bathrooms, along with a traditionally themed interior that mixes both old and new.

Besides the comfortable and Instagrammable rooms, each cabin has its separate deck where glampers can relax and stargaze at night without the distraction of any source of light or noise; it’s just them and the desert’s night sky.

To take the experience a level higher, there’s a continental breakfast every morning as well as a restaurant where people can get a bite to eat later in the day. Essentially, this location puts the camper in the middle of nature without losing any elements that provide comfort.

The Epitome of Luxury At Tassili Desert Camp

Like Sunrise Sahara Camp, the Tassili Desert Camp’s main goal is to offer the best experience in the most luxurious way possible. Unlike Sunrise, Tassili retains a more traditional look and feel.

Located in the southeastern desert of Morocco, according to the creators of the Tassili Desert Camp, it was designed to “highlight the imposing Sahara Desert in all its immensity, tranquility and life in solitude that only the desert can offer.”

The camp has several variously-sized tents to accommodate groups of multiple sizes. However, the amenities that come with the tents are what make them truly special since all rooms include free wifi, flushing toilets, showers, bedside outlets to charge phones, and shower shampoo. 

The site also includes a separate tent that houses the restaurant, which offers different dishes from the local cuisine. As for activities, there are a bunch of them people can enjoy, including safari, desert photography, camel riding, star gazing, sandboarding, buggy rides, and sand hammams, for a diverse adventure.

Via Tassili

Adventure Hike Up Mount Toubkal 

The biggest adventure on the list, scaling Mount Toubkal is perfect for those looking for a wild trip, something new and unique.

The highest summit in Morocco and North Africa, at 4,167 m, it’s a great alternative for people who want to add a hike to their trip and not just relax. Trekkers usually come in from Marrakech to the town of Imlil, where they can hire guides and porters to carry equipment, then the hike begins.

Considered by many experienced trekkers as a moderate climb, people who trained for this situation can make their way to the top with the help of a guide who knows the way. 

Even though there are some twists and turns, it isn’t as hard as other mountain climbs, especially when considering that there are a couple of refuges along the way. These locations offer meals and shelter if required, but people can also camp on the road to the top or near the refuge.

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