Here’s Why Shiny White Dental Center Is Your Go-To for Dental Implants

Via Shiny White

It all started when I got my tooth knocked out when I was playing soccer with my nephew.

I was in excruciating pain; I had to face my fears, this was the only way out. It makes sorting out your oral hygiene a lot easier when you know you have a Dentist in Temple Terrace or your local dental clinic who have your best interests at heart. Seeing as there are many services available, being able to get the smile you have always wanted should be easier than you initially thought.
That’s when I decided to pay Shiny White Dental Center a visit as it was recommended by a friend of mine; since she was that person who’d faint at the sight of a needle, her opinion was surely viable. When you’re going through pain like this, waiting to see if the pain goes down may not be the best idea, especially if you can’t do simple tasks like eating or drinking. Saying this though, this is why a professional like a Dentist Fort Wayne is available and you might as well us the services they provide if it is to help your health improve.

The great news was that there’s the possibility to book an appointment on the same day in cases of emergencies. So, I visited their official website and booked online. I also got myself a free consultation by a trained customer care dentist. He walked me through the procedure step by step and made sure to answer all my questions.

Via Shiny White

And I’d have to say, as I walked in the clinic, I started feeling the positive vibes in the air, all thanks to the super friendly staff members. From the front office; who also happens to be a customer care trained dentist, that greeted me, to my dentist himself; they were all very professional and did their best to make me feel as comfortable as possible. Upon my arrival, I was diagnosed by experts with a digital 3d x-ray to come up with a suitable treatment plan.

Moving on to the important part, the Mission Impossible-like procedure that went down on my jaw. My dentist, who was very friendly, first extracted my broken tooth, after my panic session pre-anesthesia, of course. Then, he started the dental implants process. He virtually placed the implant on my x-ray scan and showed it to me beforehand. The entire procedure was done digitally on the computer with the help of surgical guides that displayed the angulation and positioning my new tooth.

The surgery was pain-free, thanks to the invention of anesthesia, but I guess it was all psychological; it actually went well. Despite the irritation though, it didn’t look like I lost a tooth and replaced it! In fact, it looked like I got a whole new set of teeth because I had round two of polishing afterwards. Dental implants really can make a huge difference to your life and I would certainly recommend the procedure if you’re in a position where you may require it; discuss it with your Dentist West Long Branch.

My overall experience was great. Shiny White definitely made me feel in safe hands. Not to mention A+ hygiene, high tech equipment used, and premium quality German materials. Those folks are highly recommended, that’s for sure!

Via Shiny White

They offer an array of dental care services from endo and Hollywood smiles to kids’ teeth care, you name it! But if there’s one thing they’re pros at and famous for, it’s definitely dental implants! They’re well known for implants with a 98% success rate, and after my personal experience, Shiny White is definitely a go-to for this service in particular. With 200 professional consultants and specialists under their sleeve, I can’t be surprised why this is a leading dental clinic!

Not to mention that the strategic locations were a great motive for me. Having branches in Nasr City; that was just renovated, 5th Settlement, as well as Maadi, and also opening up soon in Sheikh Zayed? Did someone hit the jackpot here? Looks like they’re dominating the capital!

WE SAID THIS: A floss a day keeps the dentist away, and if you need to go, then Dental Clinic is your place!