Simple Changes to Help You Achieve Healthy Teeth and Gums

Healthy teeth and gums are crucial, particularly if you are someone that has a sweet tooth as this can lead to erosion of the enamel as well as the build-up of harmful bacteria in the mouth. But how can this be prevented? In this article, we will be looking into some of the simple changes you can make to help you achieve healthy teeth and gums for the picture-perfect smile. 

Brush twice a day 

Though this is the golden rule of tooth care, many of us still do not follow the rule of brushing twice daily. Not only does this help to prevent cavities but it helps to ensure that your gums are kept as healthy as possible. By using a deep cleaning toothbrush and an electric toothbrush, you can brush around the whole tooth preventing the build-up of plaque and removing food that may have collected around the teeth. 

Use fluoride 

If you are experiencing some discomfort with your teeth it could be down to increased sensitivity or enamel erosion. Therefore, a trip to an affordable periodontist for treatment can help to reduce the sensitivity and maintain healthy teeth and gums. They will often provide you with a fluoride mouthwash or toothpaste as this helps to build up the enamel and prevent erosion as a result of repeated use. With a number of fluoride enriched mouthwashes that are also alcohol-free, there is less damage being inflicted to the surface of the tooth as well as any damaged gums that may be present. 

Floss in the evening 

Though a mouthwash and toothpaste are beneficial it is also crucial to floss in the evening. This will help to remove any other food that may have been lodged into the teeth and the gums. Whether this is a waxed floss or unwaxed floss, this helps to slide between the teeth and prevent the build-up of plaque in the hard to reach areas. Though it may seem tempting to floss throughout the day, flossing once daily as advised as this will help to prevent any further damage or discomfort to the teeth and gums as a result of excessive rubbing. 

Use mouthwash twice daily 

Using mouthwash is a simple way of dislodging any food that may be stuck in the teeth as well as removing any harmful bacteria that may be present. Whether this is harmful bacteria on the tongue or the roof of the mouth, this can lead to issues such as bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay. It may be beneficial to ensure that the mouth wash has fluoride in it as this will help to protect enamel as well as remove harmful bacteria that can build up throughout the course of the day. Use it once in the morning and once at night to protect your teeth from any foods that you may eat in the future.

With this in mind, there are a number of changes that you can make to achieve healthy teeth and gums without having to spend a small fortune on a number of different products.

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