Rahma khaled Gets a Permanent Slot on DMC as First Ever TV Host with Down Syndrome

Just earlier this week, the internet was broken by a young lady who made television history. Today, this young sensation breaks the Internet once again, as first ever tv host with Down Syndrome. Earlier this month, Yaum Jded TV show celebrated individuals with different abilities through the help of one of the most renowned Arab public figures that speak for everyone with special needs and athlete, Rahma Khaled.

As inspiring as her tv debut was, DMC announced that the girl-redefining-inspiration will get a regular slot on tv show 8 El-Sobh alongside Ramy Radwan. today, Khaled made her tv debut and Radwan explained that her persistence and cheerfulness is the reason the collaboration took place.

Rahma proudly announced that she interviewed the one and only, Yousra and hinted at many upcoming surprises. The young lady is a breath of fresh air, and we cannot underestimate the effect this appearance has on all special needs parents out there. It is sometimes difficult to dream big against all the challenges. This act of inclusion gives us all hope in a better future for all individuals with special abilities.

رحمة خالد أول مذيعة في العالم من متلازمة داون تطلع في برنامج على الهوا

رحمة خالد أول مذيعة في العالم من متلازمة داون تطلع في برنامج على الهوا توجه رسالة للجمهور: اصبروا عليا وادوني فرصة وبلاش تنمر ولو غلطت هتعلم ورامي رضوان يقدم شكر خاص لرحمة على الهواء ويطلب منها صورة سيلفي ??#8_الصبح

Posted by dmc TV on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Rahma ended her show with a heartaching message to the viewers. The tv host sadly explained that many have been criticizig her for becoming a tc host. Khaled asks everyone to give her a chance to learn from her mistakes instead of bullying her. We hope nothing but the best for this uprising star.

WE SAID THIS: May you stay strong and tolerate the cruel world of social media. Well done, Rahma.