You Know You’ve Been Friends For Too Long When…

We all have the friends that come in certain phases, the friends we see occasionally and the friends we’ve known forever who, whether you like it or not, we’re just stuck with for eternity. They’ve become more than family to the extent that everyone finds it weird to see us without our so called significant other…

Here are some of the signs that you’ve been friends for way too long:


Their parents call your phone to check if they’re lying



There’s a fine line between a name parents are familiar with, and the person they know you’ll be constantly glued to or will at least know your constant whereabouts. When you’ve got THAT kind of person, don’t even bother trying to sneak out, your best friend’s phone will automatically start ringing with parents looking for answers.



Her mom tells you that you’ve gained weight



When the mother sees you enough to notice the difference and has the guts to actually tell you, you know the entire family has known you for too long that you’ve actually become part of the family.



Their Sahel/ Gouna/Sokhna house is pretty much yours as well



You have your own bed, a place at the dinner table and they’ve gotten your favourite kind of cheese just for you! Is it weird that you feel more at home at their place than your own?



You’ve been to every sister-cousin-niece’s birthday-wedding-graduation



And if you’re not there, they’ll still be offended! You’re practically family, start acting like it!



You stop mid-Cairo traffic to exchange driver roles when it gets too much



They’ve only driven your car a zillion times, and when the going gets tough, who else should pay the price other than those people you unload everything on anyway.



You share the same tailor, eyebrow lady and even dealer



You’ve been through so many together that you’ve done the best screening process possible to narrow everything down to the best of the best. And of course, that’s who you both stick to, because let’s face it, you’ll be going together anyway.



Your best friends with each other’s drivers



Your driver is busy? That’s alright, because when you’ve known someone for that long, their driver wouldn’t mind doing a favour just for you. He knows how important this errand is, after all, he’s heard all the gossip and is up to date with practically everything happening in your life anyway.



You both know each other’s “house rules” by heart



It does get kind of tricky though because you start mixing up your house rules with theirs sometimes.



There is no such thing as “buy your own cigarette packs”


Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

What’s mine is yours babe, except maybe your boyfriend, who still has to take me out on dates too when I’m really bored.



You have to call their whole family in every Eid, Sham El Niseem and Coptic Christmas



It’s still “selet ra7em” you know, after all they are family.


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