How To Maintain Long-distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships can often be seen as a dead end. It is a tale as old as time when two people dating move to different countries then that is the beginning of the end, a break up. And when friends or family members are living across different time zones then they are not as close as they used to be and they’re always late on the latest news. While some of these elements might be true, that does not have to be the case for long-distance relationships. If you’re trying to maintain a long-distance relationship, you’re in luck as we’re going to help you with some tips.

Technology Within Long-Distance

Technology plays a vital role in long-distance relationships. Whether it is through phone calls or texts, it definitely brings people closer. In your long-distance relationship, you can video chat through Zoom, FaceTime, or even the Facebook messenger application, as well as Instagram, making the time difference melt away. However, during the times when you can’t actively video chat, you can send stickers or small fast texts that are representative of your day so that you’re always communicating throughout the week. Sending Instagram reels that epitomize your week can also be useful and simultaneously entertaining, and if you’re not a reel person you can always go back to the classic, Snapchat and have an ongoing streak where you have to send photos every day to maintain that fire. Just remind the other person that you’re thinking of them, a picture of your day, a random text. Even if time zones are messy it’s always nice to wake up from a text by a loved one.

Consistency is key

While it may be difficult to Zoom or text every day or even every week with a friend or sister, it is all about planning. So get out that calendar, call your long-distance buddy and mark up a day and time and try as much as possible to stick to it. Though that date and time are important it is also not religion, what’s important is that you and your person just manage to find time to talk, consistently even if it’s for five minutes at five in the morning. As much as holding yourselves accountable is nice, you need to be mindful of the time difference therefore it is good to keep the conversation going as much as possible throughout the week over texting because you never know how your day will unfold until you can get to your phone date.

Make It Interesting

It is not just about finding a time to talk but it’s about how you’re spending it as well. You can split your hour conversation into two-parter. The first part is a recap of your week while the second can be a discussion of a book that you’ve decided to buddy read together or even do a virtual watch party through “Netflix Party” of an episode of a show that you’re both hooked on. If your person is not much of an entertainment buff, then you can always take them with you on your shopping trips as if they were with you at the mall; asking them for their opinion on what you should buy. Or even better, discover the country together by video chatting through some of the country’s famous monuments. However, if all of these ideas are too task-inducing then you can always just call them as you’re cleaning the house or drinking a nice cup of tea.

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Meet Somewhere in the Middle

While it is great that you make it a goal to visit each other, it can even be more interesting to meet somewhere in the middle. Meeting somewhere halfway not only still guarantees that you see each other but it brings on a new adventure. This adventure strengthens a long-distance relationship through the new experiences that you’ll both be sharing together.

Small Gestures Matter

If your long-distance person is sick, or they have a big wedding coming up, send them a surprise package in the mail. Ranging from homemade gifts to a small piece of home, the surprise will be so worth it that their smile would shorten the distance. A small gesture can go a long way, literally and figuratively.

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