5 Stories of Disastrous Dates

For most of us, going on a date is a difficult task. It’s an adventure in and of itself, and we never know how things will turn out…unless you can read people’s minds. On the other hand, going on a date will present you with a variety of situations, some of which will be awkward and disastrous. It’s something we can’t avoid, no matter how smooth you believe you are or how well dressed you are. From terrible eating habits to spilling your coffee on your date, awkward moments are going to occur. This demonstrates how the Middle East is full of rich personalities, and dating remains a new concept in most parts of the region. For this reason, we have discovered that the usual awkwardness of dating is in this case multiplied. We have combined some of the funniest dating incidents from language barriers to cringe-worthy awkwardness. P.s: All situations are based on true stories.

Bringing friends

Mirna, an Egyptian student residing in the UK, and Lucas, a French student living in the UK who speaks little English, are the protagonists of this funny story. The hilarious part comes when Mirna is asked out on a date with Lucas. Remember that there was a language barrier between her and Lucas because he only speaks French and his English isn’t very good. As a result, Mirna mistook this for a real date and decided to invite her friends since “oh well, it’s just a regular outing” and then there’s a surprise for Lucas. When he arrives at the restaurant where they agreed to meet, he discovers that his “date” has been joined by another five of her friends, and he thinks that either there was a misunderstanding or she simply takes her buddy out on dates with her. “I didn’t know you liked bringing your friends to dates,” Lucas tells Mirna, which is amusing, and Mirna assures us that they had a wonderful evening nevertheless and that the place was fancy…but poor Lucas. His evening clearly did not go as planned.

Putting Ketchup on rice

Weird eating habits. Anwar’s story will make you evaluate your sauce choices when combining it with rice. His story follows him on a date with his alleged “crush,” where he is about to profess his undying love for her. His master plan is to wait a little longer and then confess his love to her while they are eating. Anwar patiently awaits the dinner, and when it arrives, he discovers her doing one of the strangest things he has ever seen. His date had placed an order for rice with grilled chicken and fries. Now, there’s nothing wrong with this meal; however, Anwar, what she does next shocks him. She grabs the chicken and fries and put them on another plate, then takes out the ketchup bottle and pours ketchup all over her rice. She then stirs the rice, and Anwar begins to second-guess all of his life decisions and what was going through his mind when he went out on this date. The moral of the story is that if you’re one of those folks who puts ketchup on rice, do it secretly next time or not at all; life is too short.

When things go too fast

Karim eventually made up his mind and told his crush that he loves her and wants to see how things go. His crush also declares her love for him, and the two of them are eager to begin their new relationship. Isn’t everything going smoothly? In a nutshell, yes and no. Karim claims that after they both proclaimed their love for each other, she went on to discuss their future plans and marriage, including when he should visit her family, how many children they will have, and where they will go on their honeymoon. Although everything is moving in the correct direction, don’t you think she is moving too quickly? We understood that this is the thrill and intensity that we all feel when we learn that someone loves us, but Karim thought it was going way too quickly. He believed the rate at which this connection was progressing was too good to be true and real. Just as in X-Large, when Ahmed Helmy’s and Nahed El Sebai’s characters meet as their friends set them up on a date, he is taken aback by how quickly she is taking things steps ahead while he is still getting to know her.

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When he doesn’t pay…but takes the change for himself

After this date, Farida was enraged, and she was probably enraged with all guys. Why? She went on a date with a guy she thought was very gorgeous, decent and kind at heart. Farida and her date went to a restaurant and ordered sushi, which they both greatly like. They loved each other’s company as much as the meal. They were ecstatic with one other and felt everything was going swiftly. But, like with every good story, there’s a twist at the end. When the bill arrived, she offered to divide the price, to which he replied that things were not going well financially for him and that he didn’t have enough money to even split the amount with her. Farida admired his honesty and informed us that sometimes we all have challenges and that we should support one another regardless. When she paid for their meal, the waiter returned with a change, which she was surprised to see him take without saying anything. WHAT? Farida was so enraged that he not only did not pay for the dinner with her, but he also took the change in a disrespectful manner. Heartbreaking? Of course, she resolved that she would never go on a date with this guy again.

When he’s here for your friend

Randa has finally gotten to go on a date with the guy she’s had a crush on since high school. They have lunch at a nice restaurant, and he can’t stop gushing about how funny Randa is and how fascinating she is to him. Randa is overjoyed that he is now communicating and sharing his views with her after a long period of silence. But there’s a catch, ready? Randa is shocked when he suddenly takes a big breath and says, “I’d like to confess something to you.” She blushes and waits for those three words that we all want. Unfortunately, it was not what was on his mind when he asked about Randa’s best friend and whether she could contact her to tell her that he likes her and wants to go on a date with her. Randa becomes enraged, reminding us of a scene in Hend Sabry’s “Ayza Atgawez” in which Youssef El Sherif takes her out, and instead of professing his love for her, he inquires about her other friend, whom he adores.

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They’re awkward and hilarious, and they’re based on actual experiences from folks who’ve seen it all! Without a question, dates are enjoyable, but every now and then, you’ll be asked about your friend or date smearing ketchup all over the rice.

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