From Pilots To Doctors: 5 Professions We Should Appreciate More This Eid

For most, Eid vacation is a chance to relax, have some fun and enjoy the company of your loved ones, however, that is not the case for all. Let’s spare a thought and wish well to those who will be working on this holiday.

Doctors and Medical Staff

Not all heroes wear capes, sometimes they wear white coats. From surgeons to Emergency room doctors and nurses, the medical staff are almost always on call during Eid. Whether you were too excited to try your new bike or you have experienced injury at sea, broken bones seem to be common Summer injury that could have you spend a day with the medical staff. Gratitude is owed to those heroes because, in times of panic, the patients are not only treated but also comforted by them.

Transport Workers

Eid is a great time to travel and visit your families, but have you ever thought of those taking you to your family but can’t be with theirs? From bus and taxi drivers to pilots and flight attendants, be sure to take a moment and appreciate those who make your journey a pleasant experience.

The Police Force

Eid is just another regular day on the job for police officers because crime doesn’t stop. Your safety is their responsibility, day and night. Certain crimes including sexual harassment have the tendency to rise during the holidays and this is why law enforcement authorities have a huge role to play. These fighters sacrifice their time off so that we can have our Eid festivities in safety and peace.

Media Professionals

Imagine this, you wake up browsing your phone to see what news you have missed during your post-meal nap, but you find that there is nothing on your feed. Weird, right? Well this is what would happen if media professionals weren’t working on Eid. We live in a 24/7 news cycle and thousands of media staff have to work on Eid because there is always content being produced every minute of every day, and Eid is no exception.

Food & Beverage Sector Workers

For some, taking some time off usually means time off from the kitchen too. Others just find preparing food in general a daunting task. Whether you are buying last-minute groceries, prefer takeout or delivery or decide to dine in, it is important that you appreciate those who are preparing your food and serving you.

So before you choose your college major, make sure you know where your future profession stands when it comes to the holidays.

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