Five Tips to Prevent Belly Bloat


No woman ever loves a bloated belly, especially if she’s wearing that little black dress for a night out. Belly bloat can be one of the most annoying things ever, as a result of some bad eating habits. But don’t panic though, everyone out there has experienced belly bloating at some point. It’s also quite preventable, because it’s actually not about the fats around your belly, but rather your diet and lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to pull off your favourite crop top or your high-waist skirt and follow these five tips to prevent belly bloating:


1. One of the main reasons of belly bloating is constipation or trying to hold in your pee for a long time. If you suffer from constipation, this means you need to include more vegetables, fibers and fruits. Drinking plenty of fluids is also crucial to release your constipation. A great tip to prevent your morning bloating is drinking coffee or orange juice with your breakfast because they’re considered a diarrhetic.

2. The thing that we all tend to do wrong is not slowing down or chewing properly while eating. Eating in a slow pace will aid digestion and will automatically send fluids to your digestive system, to let it break down your meal. The best way to digest your meal right is to eat sitting down, with your back straight while chewing properly.

3. Drinking with, during or right after your meal is a big no no! Leave at least 25 minutes before and after your meal in order for your digestive system to work properly. Liquids like fizzy drinks can confuse the digestive system and make it hard for your stomach to break down the food.

4. Choosing the timing of your meal is as important as its ingredients. Avoid at all costs heavy late-night meals, as  they will not be digested properly. Your digestive system and your liver require effort and energy to digest food, which won’t happen in case your body is on its sleep mode. Healthy snacks like bananas or yoghurt can do the trick.

5. High-in-sugar, oily and fatty foods tend to store extra water in your body instead of getting rid of them. They also add extra water-weight to your body as well as unnecessary gas. Always include more salad, water and fruit in your system in order to help your body digest well.


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