Egyptian Superpowers

Almost all Egyptians have one or more superpower that we see every day but hardly ever notice. Some of you may come across these superpowers and not recognize them and some of you may even have these abilities and not know it!


The Everlasting Tea Cup

Mideast Egypt Constitutional Vote

A tea cup in any Egyptian household is never really empty. Whether it’s Lipton Yellow Label, Green Tea, Earl Grey or Indian Chai, it’s a guarantee that it’s already made and available to drink at all times of the day.


Super Volume

Mideast Egypt Constitutional Vote

It is an absolute must to scream at the top of your lungs during family gatherings. If you’re not loud enough for the neighbors across your street to hear your conversation, than you need to scream a bit louder. Spike up the volume!


Super Stacking Skills

Mideast Egypt Constitutional Vote

Ancient Egyptians built the Pyramids and modern Egyptians build huge stacks of anything – from materials to people – on moving trucks. That’s an awesome achievement!


Super Bullsh*tting

Mideast Egypt Constitutional Vote

The words “I don’t know” don’t exist in the Egyptian vocabulary. Try asking a random person on the street where the Egyptian Embassy is located in Cairo, they won’t fail to give you directions!


Super Multitasking (while driving, of course)

Mideast Egypt Constitutional Vote

Whether it’s a tok-tok or a Mercedes, multitasking is involved. I mean, why not watch a movie, talk on the phone and ask for directions all at once? As long as it’s done, then so be it!


Super Zaghroota

Mideast Egypt Constitutional Vote

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what occasion you’re celebrating, busting out a zaghroota is involved. It wouldn’t be a celebration without it!


The Power of Sugar

Mideast Egypt Constitutional Vote

Though Egypt has a very high percentage of diabetes, Egyptians somehow still have the urge and need to overpower their drinks and foods with sugar. Basboosa, anybody?


Masters of Rumors and Gossip

Mideast Egypt Constitutional Vote

Everybody knows everything about everyone.


The Mipster Minions

Mideast Egypt Constitutional Vote

They’re everywhere and, ironically, they have become the very thing they were opposing – mainstream.


Super Sense of Humor

Mideast Egypt Constitutional Vote

Egyptians deal with their issues and problems with laughter. No matter what, we always come out smiling!


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