Cadbury Dairy Milk Spreading Some Much-Needed Positive Vibes!

Amidst all the negativity surrounding us with a global pandemic on the rise, people self-quarantining, and so much dullness in the air, there are still some who like to spread joy wherever they are, to everyone around them.

From teachers giving free online courses to youth helping the elderly with their groceries, there were numerous positive examples that gave us hope and made us feel optimistic about the current situation. Cadbury Dairy Milk decided to join these optimists and play a key role in spreading positivity everywhere.

As part of a campaign that was initially launched in 2019, Cadbury Dairy Milk began reminding people that there is always ‘goodness’ inside each one of them. During this tough time, Cadbury Dairy Milk asked people to take a moment, and spread goodness, because no matter how small their act is, it will surely brighten someone else’s day and bring them happiness.

People were asked to share the activities they’ve done or any kind gestures they’ve made to help spread positivity and motivate others to join.

As a token of appreciation, the chocolate giant sent gifts to people who took initiative and spread more good to personally thank them and encourage them to continue. For the delivery man who used his personal bike to deliver things to elderly people’s houses, Cadbury gifted him accessories for his bike, and for the teacher who used his phone to record free courses for students, Cadbury gifted him a camera gear. As for the group of friends who gave out free masks and latex to street workers, Cadbury gifted them with masks and latex.

If there’s anything we need at this time, it’s positivity to keep us going. Don’t belittle any small act of kindness you do because it might mean the world to someone else.

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