AUC Retracts Decision to Ban Niqab on Campus

The American University in Cairo (AUC) has received quite the backlash this past week. AUC has announced via e-mail that niqab will be banned for staff members and students on campus for security reasons, starting the 21st of December. The decision sparked quite the debate on all media outlets.

Although some seem to agree with the decision, others called it a breach of privacy and personal freedom and that’s when they took the Internet by a storm.

AUC Student Union described the decision as “discriminatory” claiming that it is just another action that does no good but limit students’ personal decisions.
Via Facebook
Following the backlash, the university retracted the previously announced decision after meeting with niqabi students and listening to their point of views. “We sent a message to the niqabi students in the university, stressing on allowing them to enter campus normally, without taking their niqab off until they finish their education,” Rehab Saad, communications officer at AUC, said ensuring that the decision is official.

WE SAID THIS: This is not the first time a university decides to ban the face cover. In 2014, Cairo University banned the niqab for faculty members in hopes to achieve better communication with students.