11 Photographers from the Middle East You Need to Follow on Instagram ASAP

Whether you’re into photography or not, we’re always in it for some inspo. Especially with Instagram in the game, we’d all like a visually appealing feed, right?


There are lots of talented photographers out there in the Middle East that I needn’t mention their names. However, the region is full of young rising and promising talents. Some capture inner souls, some document moments and some play around with composition. Either way, they’re each different in styles and their lenses see things differently. After all, art is subjective, but it’s still art. So are you ready for some fresh perspective?



Karim Sherif, Egypt


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Yasmine Ferdjani, UAE


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Abdel Rahman Gabr, Egypt


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Diana Mehrez, Lebanon


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Mostafa El Kashef, Egypt




Nadia Bseiso, Jordan




Maher Al Naggar, Egypt


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Ghaleb Cabbabé, Lebanon




Hannah, UAE


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Altamash Javed, UAE


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Faisal Aljerifany, Saudi Arabia




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