‘Rakebny El Morgi7a’ Star Receives a Jaw-Dropping Makeover

Via Semsem


We believe in two things: the power of social media, and the life changing effect of fame. Something that social media has taught us time after time is that you go viral when you’re either doing something incredibly right, or ridiculously wrong. Dali Hassan is the latest living proof of this phenomenon. She is the true embodiment of girl gone viral, for all the wrong reasons.


For months, we have been going on and on about ‘Rakenbi ElMorgi7a‘ (Help Me Ride The Swing): a song that featured a female artist with really strange vocals. The woman has been the butt of the joke on social media and it seems that things are turning around for her.


Via Dali Hassan


Dali Hassan just posted photos from her latest bridal-themed photo shoot on her Facebook page. We have to say, Dali has undergone an incredibly impressive makeover. No, seriously Dali bravo! We need to get on that morgi7a too.


Via: Dali Hassan (Facebook)


Via: Dali Hassan (Facebook)


Via: Dali Hassan (Facebook)



WE SAID THIS: If getting on the morgi7a will make us get this makeover, we take back every joke we have made about it.

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