Arab Drama Icon: Four Roles We Love For Ghada Abdelrazek

Through her undeniable talent, Ghada Abdelrazek has cemented her status as a star in the arts industry. With memorable performances in masterpieces like Ma’a Sabq El Esrar and El Kaboos, let’s remember some of her unforgettable roles!

Farida – Ma’a Sabq El Esrar

Ghada Abdelrazek really took a bold leap in her journey with this role in the masterpiece Ma’a Sabq El Esrar, portraying Farida El Tobgy, a fierce lawyer well-known throughout the industry. 

The series was packed with standout moments. From her intense confrontations with her husbands (Tarek Lotfy and Maged El Masry) to the heartfelt scenes with her children, every scene was a masterclass in acting. And who could forget that gripping courtroom scene that left us all stunned and on the edge of our seats? 

Abdelrazek truly showcased a whole new level of talent in her acting career.

Hayat – Hekayat Hayah

Hekayat Hayat was really a rollercoaster of plot twists, set against the backdrop of lavish homes, and we can’t forget the magical, unforgettable music score by Adel Haqy. 

Ghada Abdelrazek took on the role of Hayah, a character struggling with schizophrenia who faces rejection from her family and gets thrown into a mental hospital. One scene that sticks with us is when she reveals to Ahmed Malek that she’s his mother. 

The way the story unfolded made it one of the most unforgettable pieces in Arab series history.

Al Kaboos – Mosheera

Without a doubt, Ghada Abdelrazek delivered her best performance yet in this role as a veiled woman who finds her son’s head in the garbage. The storyline alone hints at the tragedy within. 

Just like ‘Ma’a Sabq El Esrar’ and ‘Hekayet Hayah,’ this series was packed with master scenes, particularly the powerful funeral scene in episode 2, which showcased Abdelrazek’s top-notch acting skills. 

All in all, it was a thought-provoking and eye-opening series. Surprisingly, Ghada wore no makeup, but she still shone brightly like a star. Talk about real talent.

El Batniyya – Warda

In the drama version of El Batniyya, Abdelrazek added new depth to the series by playing Warda. 

In this story, we witness her transformation from a woman working for elite people to someone who eventually marries into that world. But it doesn’t stop there; the series shows her character’s descent into becoming a drug dealer and how tables will turn by the end of the series. The iconic scene at the end was also super!

So even though Ghada Abdelrazek is quite the controversial actress, we do believe and know that she’ll forever be a crucial part of the history of TV, for her presence, talent, and charisma are truly one of a kind – no one can deny that.

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