Superb Vocal Talents In Ramadan: Masters of Arab TV Theme Songs

From Sherine Abdelwahab’s Masha’er to Nawal EL Zoghby’s El Nas El Ozaz, Ramadan series graces us with some of the most memorable songs and beats that we can’t stop tuning into.

Since we’ve been talking about the series themselves for some time, we thought it would be refreshing to take a look at some of the singers performing the theme songs in the Ramadan 2024 season.

Mohammed Adaweya – Selat Rahem

Perfectly describing Eyad Nassar’s intense role in Selat Rahem, Mohammed Adaweya’s calm voice in the opening theme song complements the whole powerful message of the series.

ِBoosy – A’la Nesbet Moshahda

We can say that Boosy’s voice was the perfect choice for such a series. Probably one of the most trending series this Ramadan, the opening song speaks directly and artistically about the core issue happening nowadays in the world of social media.

Masar Egbari & Tarek El Sheikh – Masar Egbari

With the series named Masar Egbari, it’s obvious that no one but the renowned band of the same name, Masar Egbari, could’ve performed the opening song. Together with Tarek el Sheikh’s distinct voice, they create a synergy that sets the stage for a series with a profound meaning.

Assala – Ne’ma El Avocato

The iconic Assala, with her powerful and captivating voice, envelops us in a melody of luck and sorrow, which is very in line with Ne’ma’s character in Ne’ma el Avocato.

Wael EL Fashny – El Hashashin

With Wael El Fashny’s voice and Amin Bouhafa’s music score, the theme song of El Hashashin stands strong, matching the grand production of the series and drawing us deep into its world.

Medhat Saleh – Embratoreyt Meem

Giving off positive vibes, Medhat Saleh’s spellbinding voice holds us intrigued in the opening theme song of Embratoreyt Meem. It really conveys that sense of family as well.

Donia Wael – El Waili – Lahzet Ghadab

In the closing credits of Lahzet Ghadab, Donia Wael and El Waili beautifully showcase the essence of Saba Mubarak’s novel masterpiece through their tuneful performance. ‘El Asal’ & ‘Masrah Gareema,’ delivered by the same duo, also make an appearance in the series itself.

Berry – Lunchbox

In this female-led money heist series, Berry delivers a performance that’s out of the box, with dance vibes that’ll probably be trending soon once its time comes.

Wael El Fashny – Beit El Refa’y

Twice gracing our screens this Ramadan, Wael El Fashny is back on the list, with his voice leading the way in Beit El Refa’y. Singing its opening credits, he crafts a musical experience that transports us to a whole different world.

Which One Did You Enjoy?

With all these songs joining the lineup of Ramadan series theme songs, it’s definitely a tradition that we won’t ever get bored of.