Just Moved To Egypt? Here Are the Most Useful Apps You Should Install!

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In the modern digitized world, nearly everything can be done through your smartphone. There is an endless amount of applications that help make our lives much easier. There are the well-established ones, in addition to new applications being created every day to cater to the wants and needs of its users.

You have international applications that suit anyone, anywhere, and there are also localized applications that help people in a certain country or region. If you just moved to Egypt, here’s a list of the most useful applications that you should install when you’re in Om El Donia!


It’s hard for me as a local to find a doctor in a specific specialty near me that I can trust. So, I just imagine it’s ten times more difficult for an expat. But that was definitely before the invention of Vezeeta, an application where you can search for doctors near you, see their ratings, and read their reviews to see if they’re trustworthy.


Getting around Cairo is a bit hard if you’re not a local. Buses, microbuses, and metro networks are not super clear to understand during your first time. However, the ride-sharing app, Swvl will definitely make your life better, especially in commuting from and to work or university.


Qube is the most efficient application to book your place in restaurants, bars, and some of the most popular events in Egypt. There is a loyalty program that gives you super cool rewards from the points you collect from booking through the app.


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One of the best things about living in Egypt is that you can order food literally 24/7! If you’re new to Egypt and don’t know the numbers of restaurants, you can order directly from Otlob’s application.


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The leading ride-hailing app in the Arab-World, Careem is a must have in Egypt even if you have a car. You don’t know when you’ll need a ride anywhere inside or outside Cairo. You can use their application to book a car, a scooter, or bus rides.


On Souq, you can buy everything you need and have it delivered to your home, from electronics, clothes, home appliances, and more. Souq started in the Middle East, but it was recently acquired by the international tech powerhouse, Amazon.


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Buying and selling used items has never been easier. Whether it’s your car, mobile phone, shoes, or literally anything you can advertise to sell it used on OLX.


Anghami is the leading music streaming platform in Egypt and the Middle East, you’ll find a gigantic music library that you can listen to for free. You can also subscribe to their Anghami plus to listen to all the songs without ads and get extra features.


Wuzzuf is a platform that employers and job seekers can find each other through easy and useful search tools. You can definitely land a job in Egypt or the Middle East if you’re searching for one through Wuzzuf, and same goes to employers who are looking to hire new talents.


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Bey2ollak is an application for people to know the intensity of the traffic of a certain road before they take it. You don’t only check the status of each road through the app, but also have live updates in the form of comments from other users to know if a road is closed or if there is an accident.

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