Israeli Software ‘Pegasus’ Hacks Into Phones Of Jordanian Activists

A recent investigation by Access Now and Citizen Lab, two human digital rights advocacy groups, concluded that more than 30 individuals in Jordan — most of them are human rights activists, lawyers, and media personalities — had their phones hacked by the Israeli-owned software ‘Pegasus.’ Some of these hacking incidents date back to late 2023, coinciding with many turbulent political events in the region.

A few years ago, the Pegasus case caught the public’s attention after an information leak. The software is so powerful, as it can access the phone’s camera, microphone, and files.

While some hacked names were revealed, others remained anonymous. Notably, among the disclosed names is the veteran Palestinian-American Daoud Kuttab, who was hacked last September.

Via Access Now

Following Kuttab is the Deputy Director of Human Rights Watch, Adam Coogle, and the Human Rights Researcher Hiba Zayadin, along with Jordanian Women Rights Activist Hala Ahed.

With opinions divided on whether the Jordanian government is aware of the hacking, an important question arises: Why would an Arab government, one of the dedicated supporters of Palestine, need Israeli surveillance to know the whereabouts of its citizens?

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