Only In Saudi: An Oil Rig Becomes A Tourist Attraction: Here Is How!

What comes to mind when you think about Saudi Arabia? You’re right: it’s oil!

The Kingdom, the biggest exporter of oil, decided to show the world a new trick: an amusement resort shaped like the country’s most valuable asset — an oil rig.

From afar, it looks like any other rig, but when you get closer to it, the rig turns out to be a tourist destination in the middle of the sea.

Completely out of the box, The Rig is an offshore adventure tourism platform in the Arabian Gulf designed to redefine sea activities. Spanning 300,000 square meters near Al Juraid Island and the Berri Oil Field, the resort consists of 3 hotels and 11 restaurants. It also has a splash and amusement park, a marine, an immersive theatre, and helicopter landing pads — all funded by the Public Investment Fund (PIF).


According to its official website, the project “will redefine the sea sports and leisure experience while celebrating the legacy of Saudi Arabia’s rich oil and gas heritage.”


As mentioned in an article published by Energy Voice, the project is expected to cost Saudi Arabia 5 billion dollars. Although no confirmed date has been announced for its official opening to the public, it’s expected to become a must-visit destination and the first of its kind in the world.

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