Jordan Bans Widely Popular ‘PUBG’ Game Due to Negative Effects

The world’ most popular online battle royale game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), is all about virtual fights to the death. Yet, this time it was the game that recieved the death penalty.

Jordan has finally followed Iraq’s lead after the country’s Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) blocked the online game which is developed and published by PUBG Corporation.

A source from the TRC warned the game had negative effects on its users, which led to its official blocking.

Earlier this year, Egyptian MP and head of the Communications and IT Committee, Ahmed Badawy, expressed his concerns regarding the violent game after a 16-year-old Alexandrian student stabbed his chemistry teacher to death in her home, while impersonating his PUBG character.

Badawy announced his plans on urging the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to remove the game from Google Play. Yet, PUBG remains widely popular in Egypt.

Nepal, the Indian state of Gujarat, and the Indonesian province of Aceh have also banned PUBG, due to its brutal nature.

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