Here Are Some New Year’s Resolutions By Some of the Most Influential Instagram Celebrities!

We’re one week through 2019, and everyone is still fired up and focused on their new year’s resolutions! The significance of this time of the year is not in the change in date, but for the new beginnings it portrays.

As all of us have our hopes, dreams, aspirations, and resolutions for the new year, well, celebrities and influential bloggers do too. We have compiled a list of resolutions’ posts we came across from some of our favorite Instagram celebrities of the region.

They may just inspire you to stay on the right track. As well as this, with the following they all have, they might even inspire you to visit Buzzoid, to help grow your social media presence and send a positive message to others. This may be a step forward towards what you want for your new year!

Dana Hourani

Dana Hourani is a Lebanon-based Fashion Blogger who combines stunning styles with euphoric music and interesting adventures. Check out her blog, D-Tales, if you’re into the beautiful content she produces.

Mr. Moudz

Mahmoud Sidani, AKA Mr. Moudz, is a Blogger who posts about fashion, travel, and lifestyle! He began his career in contemporary and luxury retail as a buyer at Dubai’s renowned Level Shoe District, and he’s now one of the most prominent male social media influencers/ bloggers in the region.

Soraya Shawky

Soraya Shawky is a Beauty Blogger based in Dubai, and is one of the leading make-up artists in the region.

Jana Diab

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Going into 2019, I would rather spend my spare time focusing on the people who are lonely and who are in need of emotional comfort and love. My New Years resolution isn’t to force myself to sleep at a normal time, or to eat less junk food, my aim for this year is to not only give food to the homeless, but to give them my time and attention. I am lucky enough to have been born into a family who not only care for me and love me, but who WANT to talk to me. I understand a lot of us are used to the action of having a conversation, furthermore causing us to take it for granted. However, homeless people spend a lot of their time speaking to the voice inside their head and being ignored by people who are too fixed on their conversations with other people to notice someone sitting by themselves on the streets hoping someone cares enough to read the 3 words on their boards that read “I am hungry”. Humans crave attention and love, sadly, some people lack the ability to sympathise with homeless people. This could be because homeless people carry card board squares that consist of words that are blunt and that lack depth. However, can you really blame them for getting straight to the point? We’re so consumed in our own conversations and our lives that some of us when walking past these people in need, don’t stop to at least try getting to know them or ask them questions about their feelings and their life. There’s this quote that read, “I’m not interested in whether you’ve stood with the great. I’m interested in whether you’ve sat with the broken.” We are given the ability to socialise for a reason, some choose to only socialise for selfish reasons, ie: to make more friends at a party, or to make connections. However, sometimes we should talk to other people FOR other people. Furthermore, I would really appreciate if everyone made the effort to speak to the lonely and to care for the people hurting emotionally. 2019 should be about being a good person and helping someone see the good in themselves. Happy New Year ♥️

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Jana Diab is a very talented singer, songwriter, and an aspiring scriptwriter. She also happens to be the daughter of one of the most influential figures in the Arab World, Superstar Amr Diab.

Hadia Ghaleb

Hadia Ghaleb is one of the most popular Instagram Icons in the region! She recently won the Scoop Empire Readers’ Choice Awards for “The Region’s Favorite Female Influencer”. Among tons of other accomplishments, Hadia Ghaleb runs her own company, El Ghaleb Production House, and has her own show on E!

?Karen Wazen Bakhazi

Karen Wazen is a blogger who runs her site, Karen’s Choice, where she obviously displays all her fashion picks. 

Shady Beshr

Shady Beshr is one of the most daring bloggers in the region. He’s an extreme sports athlete, BASE jumper, and a sky diver!

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