Star-Studded Brand Collaborations: Celebrity Faces Transforming Arab Campaigns

The logic goes that a popular, loved face of a celebrity is the ultimate way to promote your brand. For some time now, both international and local celebrities have been becoming the face of Arab brands in major campaigns. We’ve picked out our favorites that have truly stood out among the crowd.

Huda Kattan – Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

Around since 1952, Abdul Samad Al Qurashi is one of the most prestigious perfume brands in the Middle East. This month, they created a whole new fragrance, the Rannat Khilkhal perfume, as part of their Ramadan campaign. What’s special is that the face of that campaign is no other than makeup guru and social media star Huda Kattan.

In the campaign, in a world ruled by gold, Kattan shimmers in a gorgeous sequenced dress as she enters a royal hall. She represents the new perfume in every sense of the way, embodying its irresistible charm and elegance.

Taylor Hill – Laverne

The Riyadh-based perfume brand known as Laverne has been taking on celebrity after celebrity in its campaigns. Everyone from Georgina Rodriguez and Gabriel Macht have been the face of their brand.

Along with these big-time celebrities, gracing the brand is Taylor Hill, the Victoria’s Secret model who’s the current face of Laverne’s La’Dor Bakhur.

Jason Momoa – Yas Island

Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island is many people’s go-to destination, home to world-famous theme parks and family-friendly resorts. To truly place the destination on the global map, celebrities have been recruited to act as the face of the Island.

The most recent addition is the one and only Jason Momoa, Aquaman himself, who’s the newest Chief Island Officer (CIO) for Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island. So far, he’s appeared in a series of videos for Yas Island as its CIO.

Messi – Sayar

Epitomizing the Kingdom’s deep-rooted traditions is Sayar, a luxury brand for traditional clothing that specializes in white thoubs paired with red and white patterned shemagh on the head. Representing the Saudi brand is no other than the soccer legend himself, Messi.

Today, he’s the new face of Sayar. The brand announced the partnership through a special social post in which he’s seen wearing the traditional pairing of the white thob and the shemagh. This isn’t his first foray as a brand ambassador for the Kingdom; before, he was also the tourism ambassador for Saudi Arabia.

Penelope Cruz – Emirates Airlines

Soaring through the skies is one of the most prominent airlines, Emirates Airlines, home to high-class cabin offerings and in-flight entertainment. Recently, they signed the renowned Latin actress Penelope Cruz to become the new face of their global advertising campaign.

So far, Cruz starred in a series of video campaigns directed by Robert Stromberg, who’s known for his work on James Cameron’s Avatar as well as Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. You’ll find her lounging on the airline’s extendable seats or chilling at their in-house bar.

Sofia Vergara – VIA Riyadh

Our favorite loud and hilarious Modern Family star, Sofia Vergara, took on a completely new project after she became the face of Via Riyadh, a luxury lifestyle destination in Saudi Arabia.

The unique entertainment hub opened its doors on May 11, and since then, the actress starred in a creative campaign showing all that the hub has to offer.

Seeing these brands celebrated and showcased by big-time international and Arab stars is a great way to further solidify their names.

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