Bold & Unapologetic: Elham Safieddine’s Unforgettable Acting Roles

With acting, how much are you willing to do to take on a character? When it comes to Egyptian actress Elham Safieddine, she doesn’t hold back. She truly becomes the character and doesn’t care what needs to be done for that to happen. Let’s take a look at her boldest roles so far:

Sara in Sahbety

Probably the first on Egyptian television, the concept of gender is completely turned on its head, all thanks to Safieddine’s character, Sara. She suggests she takes on the role of the man while her boyfriend, Ali, becomes the woman in their relationship.

Why? To express their love for each other in a new way. Truly out of the box, merely watching the film will get you thinking about life, society, and gender as a whole.

Maya in Embratoreyet Meem

Badass in every sense of the word is Maya, Safieddine’s character in Embratoreyet Meem. Her headstrong persona makes her the most controversial character among her siblings.

In the show, you’ll either see her clobber someone who annoyed her siblings or shout at her soccer teammates if they’re slacking off on the pitch. Her most defiant moment, though, came when she shaved off all her hair.

Fun fact: Safieddine actually shaved her hair in real life for the role.

Hiba Tattoo in A’la Nesbet Moshahda

In her most unrecognizable role yet, with a tattoo across her neck, a massive red wig, and a no-bullshit attitude, she’s Hiba Tattoo. It’s her most outlandish role until now, and of course, she doesn’t hold back.

In probably her most intense scene, for a TikTok challenge, she films herself spilling oil and flour all over her body. Now that’s true showmanship!

Reem in Wust El Balad

Safieddine never likes to take the easy route with her roles; she doesn’t like it simple. So it makes sense that her character in Wust El Balad, Reem, is once again someone outspoken, intense, and does what they want.

For the first time, she taps into playing a character who ends up becoming a drug addict, taking on a level of intensity unlike any of her previous roles.

“Don’t be afraid to be bold, and don’t shy away from asking for what you want.” These are Safieddine’s words, and they truly epitomize her in every sense of the word.

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