Meet Nourine Abouseada: Masar Egbari’s Rising Star

With that big grin and smile of hers, Egyptian actress Nourine Abouseada has been warming our hearts ever since she took on her new role in Masar Egabri.

Her character, Lama, epitomizes the typical sweet girl-next-door as she supports Ahmed Dash’s Hussein in his journey toward justice with his brother, Ali (Essam Omar). Beyond her role, there are some cool facts you probably don’t know about her:

Studying At Paris’ Sorbonne University

The actress headed all the way to Paris to study at one of the most prestigious universities in the world: Sorbonne University. It’s ranked 3rd in France and 39th globally, making it one of the strongest educational institutions.

Belting Out ‘Hob Khenaa’ With Marwan Moussa

A conversational fight or banter of sorts between a couple is a basic everyday occurrence, and that’s exactly the vibe that ‘Hob Khenaa’ gives us. It’s a song where we’re introduced to the up-and-coming Egyptian singer Abouseada as she engages in a battle of words with Marwan Moussa.

Ever since its release, it became an instant hit, immediately placing Abouseada on our radar.

Starring in El Gouna Film Festival’s El Shanab

Being part of a major film that gets screened at El Gouna Film Festival, and not just that, but a film with an all-star cast like Lebleba, Sawsan Badr, and Layla Olwi, is a career milestone. Abouseada got to be part of El Shanab, which is all about a family reunion that includes four sisters and a whole lot of drama.

Being Very Similar To Her Character On Masar Egbari

Throughout Masar Egbari, Abouseada’s character, Lama, worked hard to promote her social media presence after working on her account for more than 3 years. That aspect of her character emulates personally with the actress, who said in an interview that her role in the show is similar to her real-life personality, especially the social media aspect.

From Paris to Marwan Moussa to El Shanab, Abouseada is a jack of all trades. All in all, she’s proving to be a lot more than a girl-next-door in the Ramadan hit.

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