Egypt’s New Ride Hero: Meet Bolt, The Estonian Ride-Hailing Giant

First, there were taxis, and then came the new and exciting concept of ride-hailing services. With a touch of a button, a car arrives at your location to pick you up, which completely revolutionizes how we move around.

That industry is growing so much that today, in Egypt, beyond Uber, InDriver, and Careem, a whole new ride-hailing service is arriving: Bolt.

Via Bolt

The Estonian ride-hailing giant is coming to Egypt, and it’s coming in hot with competitive prices. For the next six months of its launch, riders will get 50% off their rides. At the same time, Bolt drivers also benefit as it “will waive drivers its standard 15% commission for drivers.”

It’s all in the strategy. Haitham Mansour, Bolt Egypt’s Country Manager, spoke further about the benefits of their strategy, “by keeping our commissions substantially lower than our counterparts, we ensure drivers earn more while presenting customers with appealing service fees.”

Beyond Egypt, Bolt is entering the African market itself, having already been introduced in 14 African countries so far, including Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. The new ride-hailing service hopes to cut down on costs and help improve transportation in Egypt as a whole.

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