Game-Changer Alert: Abu Dhabi Unveils World’s First eSports Island

Gamers rejoice! The Emirates island of Abu Dhabi is set to host the world’s first eSports Island. Yes, you heard that right: an entire island devoted to gaming. Even the way you arrive on the Island is unique, as guests can check into the hotel by parachuting from a plane, just like in PUBG.

The island itself will be home to a luxurious hotel with 200 rooms, all of which will be equipped with high-performance computers. It’ll also be home to high-tech venues for gaming tournaments, professional training facilities, content creation spaces, and more.

There will even be GG Bootcamps, which are areas set up for hardcore gamers to prepare for tournaments. These areas will include high-tech computers, designated sleep areas, and even a nutrition program.

Of course, a gamer’s island wouldn’t be complete without an arena. The TG arena will be the host of international sports tournaments, unique digital exhibitions, and large-scale conferences.

Being such a massive project, it’s planned to cost over 280 million USD, and so far, it barely scratches the surface of the potential of the gaming world across the globe. The completion date hasn’t been announced yet, so you’ll just have to stay tuned.

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