Egyptians are Tweaking Food Names and Here are The Results!

By: Nada Hamouda

Egyptians are Tweaking Oriental Food’s Names and Here’re Some Examples!

Have you ever thought of calling the Indian main rice dish, Byriani, the “Yummy Jungle”?! Probably not, as some things just happened to have a rich historical background. However, the social media has gone crazy, recently, over some renaming trends of Arab foods.

Some start creating memes mocking the trend, suggesting these are only social media names. Others think it’s just cool names and some changes don’t hurt, after all.

So, do names of foods change?! Apparently, it happens … In Egypt!

“Zalabya or Loqmet El Qady” Is Turning Into “Gold Donuts or Baby Boobs”

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Mulukhiyah” Is Turning Into “Green Soup”

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“El Kunafa” Is Turning Into “Baby Hair”

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“Falafel or Ta3meya” Is Turning Into “Green Burgers”

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“Asabe’e Zainab” Is Turning Into “Golden Fingers”

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“Katayef” Is Turning Into “Cute Lips”

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If there is one recipe that says Ramadan in an Arab house, then it has to be Katayef. It’s a sort of sweet dumpling filled with cream or nuts, fried to crunchy, and then doused in thick sugar syrup.

However, this year, a new trend is referring to Katayef as Cute Lips. Katayef comes from an Arabic verb pronounced “yaktatef,” Arabic for “pick”. People used to pick it up whenever served due to its incredible delicious taste.

Here are some of the social media users’ comments about this buzzing trend:

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One user sarcastically said: “Keep wiping away our identity, Egyptians. I’m proud of you!”

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Another meme made by a Facebook user shows Adel Imam in one movie scene commenting how ridiculous this sounds, and advising people to just live their life and stop showing off.

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A Twitter user is hilariously asking people for any updates about the rumor referring to using “Baby Hair” concept instead of “Kunafa”.

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This post shows a scene from the popular comedy movie “El Nazer” where the principal of a school is informing students that the school cantine has Green burger with lots of sesame all over it.

WE SAID THIS: Heritage is created with moments, stories..etc. Thus, our Arab Cuisine identity is something that we need to dearly keep and never manipulate its rich history!