A Scoop of Mosalsalat: Eslam Ibrahim’s Role in ‘B 100 Wesh’ is the Best Thing We’ve Seen!

This year’s Ramadan race has a lot of interesting series and TV shows that should binge-watch, if not all during the Ramadan, then right after! From El Brens to Kheyanet 3ahd to El Nehaya, there is a thing for everyone. One series that garnered major support from millions of people is Asser Yassin and Nelly Karim’s B 100 Wesh.

People fell in love with the series from the first episode, and it’s not just Asser and Nelly that are carrying the series, every role in the gang is unique and fun to watch. One of the most important characters is Hamada, portrayed by the skilled comedian Eslam Ibrahim.

Hamada is Sokar’s neighbor and childhood friend, he’s a genius hacker that has a lot to offer in each heist. Eslam perfectly nailed this dynamic role and was successful in making us both laugh and shed a tear by his performance.

The couple of scenes where he confesses his love for Sokar’s sister is, by all means, heartbreaking and he made it very real and believable. In another arc of the story, Hamada was portraying a character called Om Moaz as a part of a new heist, and it was one of the most hilarious parts of the series.

WE SAID THIS: Which is your favorite character in the gang?

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