A Heartwarming Dose Of Stories Marked With Acts Of Kindness

In today’s fast-paced world dominated by a competitive work environment as well as a growing social media craze, we all get caught in a sort of metaphorical noise and sometimes forget to slow things down and notice the people around us. That is why when people do come together, interact and help each other it can be heartwarming and a reminder of how precious the smallest act of kindness can be. So many stories are already out there but we wanted to do things differently and not just focus on random acts of kindness but also moments where loved ones and friends were there for each other through tough times.

The Needed Pull

One day, I had this huge fight with my dad and ended up storming out of the house. I was fuming with rage and the more I walked, the worse I felt. All I wanted was to slam my hand across the windshield of a car or anything that would break instantly. I kept my eyes down low while walking because I couldn’t look at anyone’s face and I kept walking and had no idea where I was going until all of a sudden, someone grasped my arm and pulled me tight, and we both ended up falling on the ground. I turned to that person, furious and confused, I was even ready to punch them in the face but then I noticed that it was an old man. He had his hands raised up, trying to calm me down, and then pointed at an open drain. I put two and two together and realized that he literally saved my life. I don’t know what came over me but I ended up hugging him real tight and crying for who knows how long. At that moment, I forgot about the fight I had in the morning, called my dad and apologized, and made sure to tell him that I love him.

– Eyad Omar

A New Home

I recently moved to Cairo a few months back and ended up sharing an apartment with a roommate. It was nice at the start, we got along and would hang out all the time. There was one day though, at like 2 am in the morning when she stormed into the house and was furious. I went to check up on her but she pushed me away and told me that I have to leave the apartment. This came out of nowhere because we were pretty close and had a good relationship so I tried to reason with her but she wouldn’t have it and even started to pack my stuff. I ended up sitting alone on the pavement with two suitcases laid on the floor next to me, crying my eyes out. I had nowhere to go and no one to call because all my friends and family were in a different city. The only person I could think of was a co-worker of mine who I’d met only a week ago. I was so embarrassed but I couldn’t think of anyone else so I dropped her call even though I knew she was asleep. She answered, listened to my entire story, and told me to wait by the house. A bit later, she arrived in her car, picked me up and took me to her apartment, helped me unpack, and made me a hot cup of tea. I was only planning on staying the night but instead, one night turned into a week then a month until I ended up becoming her roommate.

– Nevine Ahmed

A Snackable Surprise

To give you a little background, I am someone who is obsessed with an Egyptian brand of sweet corn puffs to the extent that I could eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That particular brand of chips is quite popular in Egypt and most of the time, it’s sold out so I’d rarely find it at Cairo’s supermarkets and kiosks. A few days ago, I was waiting for mid-term results to come out so I kept checking my phone every five minutes until I finally received an email from my school. Turns out, I failed not one, but three of the tests despite studying really hard for several weeks. I was shocked and immediately called my best friend and started crying, telling her that I am a failure. After the call, I sat on the couch, didn’t move, just sat there for hours until a bit later when I got a call from that same friend who told me to go downstairs. I found her car parked in front my house; she was sitting in the driver’s seat and told me to check the backseat so I opened the door and couldn’t believe my eyes. In the backseat were boxes upon boxes of that very brand of sweet corn puffs that I love, a whole month’s supply. I was so happy that at that very moment, I forgot about school and my stupid test scores and instead, ran to my friend and gave her the biggest hug.

– Sarah Mohsen

An Unexpected Celebration

I work as a senior graphic designer in a big well-known firm and would always have massive projects with big deadlines. There was one day when I had to finish up a design for a major real estate brand by 5 pm. It was a simple design as I already had a detailed brief to follow so I ended up completing it by 4:30 pm but when I sent it to the client, they sent it back and asked to completely change the design. I had to start everything from scratch and knew that this project was going to take longer than expected. I was in a really foul mood and was on the verge of crying because it was my birthday and I was supposed to celebrate with my friends. Sitting there all alone, I did end up crying but at that very moment two of my co-workers were just heading out when they noticed me. They understood that I had a big deadline and when I told them it was my birthday, they decided to keep me company until I finished. They did not just sit with me, they ended up buying cupcakes from a nearby bakery as well as some chocolates and chips. They opened some mahraganat music and even started cheering me on and dancing, it was hilarious. Ever since that day, they have become some of my closest friends, ones that will always be dear to my heart.

– Noor Ehab

The Mysterious Box

I am someone who loves the month of Ramadan as it’s the one time in the year when my family and I would meet up every day and break our fast together. Its always been a special time for me until I ended up moving across the country to America for a new job, leaving my family, friends, and loved ones in Lebanon. During my first year in the US, I was all alone and struggled to form a community, it was a really tough time especially when I’d see pictures of my family celebrating birthdays or my friends hanging out together. Then Ramadan came and the distance became even more painful, especially during the first week of that festive month. For the first time ever, the more time passed, the more I wanted the month to be over. Then, halfway through the month, I received this random box with no name or address on it. When I opened it, I couldn’t believe my eyes; inside the box, there was a photo album and within its pages were pictures I took with my family of every Ramadan celebration I had with them since I was 5 years old. There was also a note inside, written by mum and in it, she said that this was a reminder that no matter where I am, my family will always be there. It was just what I needed to help me get through the rest of the month.

– Tamara Abdallah

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