Hilarious, Outrageous & Shocking: First Dates That Have Gone Horribly Wrong

Dating is a life experience known to be a hit or miss. Some dates are like fairytales where sparks fly and romance fills the air while others are so horrible that they could be turned into a full-fledged rom-com gone wrong. To have a laugh, we decided to gather a few of these shocking first-date stories that will definitely be hard to forget.

The Guy Who Had It Coming

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I met this really cute guy through a dating app and we ended up picking a popular restaurant for our first date. When we arrived, there was a huge waiting list of at least 20 people but we both ended up waiting in line because we knew this restaurant was pretty special with people raving about it all over social media. While we stood in line, to the pass the time, we had a fun conversation and reminisced on being young and having no responsibilities. Later, this old couple came and approached us when it was almost our turn to go inside. They asked if they could take our spot in the waiting list because its their 60th wedding anniversary and they wanted to do something special. At that exact moment, my date ended up glaring at the couple, I even noticed multiple veins popping on his neck and in mere seconds, his fist slammed across the old man’s face. As blood gushed out of the poor old guy’s nose, I stood back in shock as the hostess came running with some tissues to help the couple. I do not know what came over me but I ended up walking to my date and giving him the biggest punch across his massive nose. Now at least I can tell my friends that the date did end on a high note.

– Mariam Hussien

The Time I Accidentally Met The Parents

At university, I met a girl during orientation week and we ended up becoming friends. One day, she called me up and told me to join her at a café in Rehab and said we can play pool later. I was free and so I decided to go. At the café, I found her sitting with her cousin at a small table near a closed window. Later on, her brother came, so she introduced me to him but then, things got weirder because her sister ended up coming to the café as well so she introduced me to her. A bit later, she told me “I want you to meet a few others” and I found myself getting dragged to this enormous table filled with people. I had no idea who these people were and all of sudden found myself shaking hands with her dad, mum, aunts and it ended up becoming this whole meet the parents sort of situation. Here I was, getting interrogated by her entire family as they asked every question imaginable including what my future plans will be and if I’m planning on buying my own apartment soon.

– Mazen Mohammed

The Unexpected Plot Twist

Several years ago, I was texting a guy on a dating app and we really hit it off. It turned out that we had a lot in common, more than one would expect from a person you would match with online. Every day, I found out something new that we both share like how he hates dramatic Egyptian TV shows like “Under Control” or loves Turkish coffee without a topcoat. That is why we ended up getting very close and eventually decided to meet. For our first date, we went to this cute restaurant and sat in a booth together, side by side. We were chatting and having a fun conversation about the best films we watched during our childhood and that is when he opened his Instagram to show me his favorite actor. At that point, things got a little fishy because I couldn’t help but notice my name at the top of his Instagram search history. Later on, he went to the bathroom and left his phone on the table so I picked it up and underwent a mini investigation. Not only did I find my name In his Facebook search history, when I opened his gallery and checked his hidden folder, I was shocked to find most of my social media pictures saved in the folder. That is when I put two and two together and realized that I have a full-fledged stalker so I took my bag and left immediately, leaving the booth empty and his phone open, brightly lit on the table.

– Amira Helmy

The Facebook Girl With Daddy Issues

One day I got a friend request from a girl who I didn’t know but we did have a lot of mutual friends so I added her on Facebook. I guessed she probably was someone who attended my university but I was curious to learn more about her so I opened her Facebook profile, checked out her photos and she turned out to be very cute. From then on, we ended up texting every day until we decided to meet up in person. I was so excited and really looking forward to the date. Here’s the thing though, the moment we met, it was like I was meeting a completely different person, she looked nothing like her pictures. We still went on our date though but it continued to go downhill from there. For three hours straight, she not only complained about her dad but also shared how she wants to leave the house and get married immediately. I knew then and there that I had to get out of that restaurant ASAP. I told her I had work and needed to leave but she stressed that I stay so I had to get creative and ended up texting my friend and told him to come up with a crazy excuse. He ended up driving from El Obour all the way to Maadi, rushed into the restaurant, told me we need to leave immediately because our friend died. You would think that would be enough for her to budge but she still insisted on coming with us.

– Essam Abdallah

The Sticky Situation

Seven years ago, I was invited to this birthday party and had a friend tag along with me. There was this girl who sat next to me throughout the party and would constantly open up conversations and try to have a chat. Later on, once the party was over, the birthday girl asked if I could give her a lift home and I noticed that the other girl was listening in on the conversation. All of a sudden, she came to me and said she wanted a lift as well and despite the fact that I was not too hyped out about it, I said yes. On the way, she asked if she can borrow my phone to call her mum because her phone died so I gave it to her. I then heard my phone ring because here’s a plot twist, she actually took my phone to discreetly save my number. Once I got home, she ended up calling me and asking to go out the next day. We were supposed to meet at a restaurant for our first date but instead, she asked me to park the car in this dark neighborhood and at that point, I swear I thought I was going to get kidnapped. I sat with her for a few minutes, we just sat there, in silence as if we were part of a secret cult. I knew I had to leave so I made up an excuse and ended up leaving with a friend.

– Adham Samy

The Girl With The Sullen Mood

I had been texting this girl and we were really hitting it off so I wanted us to meet in person. Here’s the thing, for five days straight I was trying to convince her to go on a date with me and she wouldn’t budge until the fifth day when we agreed to meet at a fancy restaurant. I was very excited to finally meet her and I made sure to go all out for our first date by buying her some flowers and a cute small gift and then I headed to pick her up from her house. From the moment she got into the car, it was obvious she was not having a good day. I kept asking what was going on but she wouldn’t talk and she stayed like that the entire night. I thought things would get better when we got to the restaurant but it only got worse. I wanted to cheer her up so I handed her the gift but she just ended up staring blankly at it and uttered a plain thank you. She did apologize later and we ended up changing up the plan by going out with some of her friends; it was like a magic switch was turned on as her mood changed completely, she was smiling and chatting but then when we went back to the restaurant, she switched back into her sullen mood and I knew then and there that this is the last time I am taking her out on a date.

– Youssef Mostafa

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